The essence of balance

Florais de Saint Germain has launched a collection of floral essences to treat a range of common conditions including stress, insomnia, panic syndrome and PMT.

The offer consists of ten formulas: Student’s Formula to aid learning, memory and focus; Good Night’s Sleep; Family’s Formula; Stress; Nervousness/Agitation; Midddle-Aged for menopause, andropause and PMT; Panicum Formula for panic attacks and emotional imbalance; Serenity and Balance for depression; Prosperity; and Protection Formula.

“With the help of flower essences, we can re-establish and transmute … unbalanced patterns, particularly when the cause of the disturbance is emotional,” explains Neide Margonari, channeler of the Saint Germain Flower Essences system.

The essences come in 10ml bottles and have a shelf life of five years.