VOYA solves holiday skin dilemma

Organic skincare brand VOYA has launched a skincare travel kit following a vox pop survey which revealed that 90% of women compromise on facial products when travelling.

When abroad, extra attention needs to be paid to skin in order to avoid an array of problems including sensitivity, dehydration and flare-ups. “The number of women needing to ‘repair’ post-holiday skin is always at an all-time high after the summer months and each year we see a huge rise in those opting for facials that help to fix problems caused by poorly neglected skin,” explains VOYA’s Lucy Herring.

VOYA’s travel kit in a bag aims to solve the problem of what to pack without sacrificing the essentials and contains Me Time anti-ageing face moisturiser, Cleanse & Mend cleansing crème, Ritzy Spritzy botanical toner, Maskerade hydrating facial mask.