Natural Products News shines a spotlight on a handful of the latest launches, campaigns, award wins and more from natural and organic brands and businesses.


After more than a year of research and development, Heura has introduced two new sustainable plant-based fish SKUs: F’sh Fillet and F’sh Fingers. Low in saturated fat and rich in high-quality protein, they both provide 40mg of omega-3, which supports brain health and vision. F’sh Fillet features a Mediterranean-style batter with a juicy texture, while F’sh Fingers are crunchy and ‘perfect for any sharing occasion’. Heura CEO and co-founder Marc Coloma comments: “As a mission-driven food-tech start-up steeped in rich Mediterranean heritage, we recognized the need to introduce fish successors … The launch of our 100% plant-based fish is our latest step towards Heura’s ambition of creating a net positive food system by accelerating the transition to plant-based protein and offering sought-after foods with a significantly lower CO2 impact that enables a more just food system.”

Cypressa has launched a new six-strong range of authentic products celebrating the flavours of the Mediterranean and Middle East. The line comprises Cypressa Smoky Tagine; Aubergine & Feta Mezze; Tomato, Feta & Kalamata Olive Tapenade; Roasted Red Pepper Tapenade; Rose Harissa Paste; and Rose Harissa Pesto. “We are very excited to be launching this new selection of pastes and tapenades, which really champions the sunshine flavours of the Mediterranean and Middle East,” says Harry Constantinou, Cypressa commercial controller and third-generation founding family member. “The new pastes are a brilliant accompaniment to so many dishes and are incredibly versatile. So, whether you are putting together an antipasti board for an evening with family or friends, or creating an authentic Mediterranean dinner, we have you covered with olives, olive oil, antipasti and now, great-tasting dips and pastes – many ingredients that my family and I have cooked with forever.”

Aiming to ‘reinvent cod liver oil’, sustainable supplements brand Wiley’s Finest has introduced Cod Liver Oil+, sporting fresh, bold packaging and offering a ‘unique science-led formula’ with a natural orange flavour. Cod Liver Oil+ is packed with brain-boosting nutrients lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamins D and E and omega-3s EPA and DHA that optimize cognitive function, stress support, immunity and eye health. Paul Farquhar, MD of Wiley’s Finest UK, says: “Over the past few decades, cod liver oil very much fell out of fashion. Its image and taste hasn’t changed for years. Yet, sustainable cod liver oil is a powerfully potent source of anti-inflammatory omega-3s that deserves recognition for its abilities to improve cognition and immunity, reduce stress and support eye health for all ages. That is why we are excited to be reimagining it for 2023 with a delicious all-natural flavour.”

Nutraceutical elixir de-liver-ance, which is designed to ‘future-proof your liver’, is now stocked at the ethical and sustainable supermarket chain Planet Organic. The brand says that the partnering of de-liver-ance and Planet Organic reflects a growing recognition of the importance of the liver, with the product’s formula Rizasalutem – which was developed over decades of research – capable of immediately reducing blood toxins by 42%. “We are really excited to be the first retail stockist for de-liver-ance. This is a wonderful product targeting one of our most vital organs, the liver, helping to improve immunity, sleep, mood, mental clarity and glowing skin. At Planet Organic we provide our customers with the best and most innovative wellness products on the market. de-liver-ance is a perfect fit in our stable of trailblazing new brands,” says Sophie Rose, commercial and supply chain director at Planet Organic.

Natural sports nutrition company Protein Rebel has launched Maple Ignite – the UK’s first pure maple syrup energy gel following a successful crowdfunding campaign. Made from a light maple syrup harvested from Canadian maple trees and blended with sea salt, Maple Ignite is designed to deliver a sustained energy boost to support endurance exercise such as running and cycling. “Maple syrup is nature’s performance fuel,” says brand founder Tim Boote. “It’s high in sucrose which provides a balanced and prolonged energy source while being very gentle on the gut.” Maple syrup is naturally high in carbohydrate, potassium and calcium and by blending the syrup with sea salt, it provides added sodium to replenish salts lost through sweating. Each 36g tube of Maple Ignite provides 24g of carbohydrates, 110mg of sodium, 90mg potassium, 27mg calcium as well as iron, manganese and antioxidants.