Functional gums from Two Wise Chimps

Two Wise Chimps
Two Wise Chimps

Fledgling brand Two Wise Chimps has created a four-strong line of functional vegan chewing gums, designed to be a natural way of providing both specific functional and oral health benefits.

In a bid to challenge the norm and move away from plastic-based chewing gums, Two Wise Chimps’ gums have a biodegradable, sustainable base made with chicle sourced from the Mexican rainforest. The gums are sweetened using xylitol to enhance oral health.

The sugar-free range comprises:

  • CBD Gum – positioned as a perfect entry point for those looking to start taking CBD, due to its affordability, each piece of gum contains 5mg CBD, so it’s easy for consumers to control their dosage
  • Beauty Gum – containing essential vitamins to help hair, skin and nails, Two Wise Chimps Beauty Gum combines biotin, selenium, niacin and green tea extract
  • Activated Charcoal Gum – containing 45mg of activated charcoal, this gum has been formulated to help teeth become whiter as well as healthier
  • Caffeine Gum – designed as a healthier, more convenient way to get a regular pick-me-up on-the-go, two pieces of Caffeine Gum provide 40mg of caffeine (about the same amount as an energy drink), along with 6mg of vitamin B5. By taking the caffeine and vitamin sublingually, the brand says consumers will experience the benefits more quickly.