Gallinée has created a two-strong Anti-Blemish Collection positioned as the first of its kind to gently treat acne-prone skin with pro-bacterial anti-blemish solutions.

Gallinée Vinegar Gelée Anti-Blemish Serum has a fresh, jelly-like texture which melts into the skin to target blemishes and imperfections at a microbiome level, reducing excess sebum, redness and inflammation, while supporting the microbiome, soothing and mattifying.

GallinéeThe perfume-free serum features Dendriclear – a green, fermented and patented ‘super active’ that reduces acneic Cutibacterium acnes strains (which trigger acne) and promote non-acneic strains. Hibiscus vinegar is included as a gentle postbiotic to brighten and soothe skin, while preventing pore obscuration through micro-exfoliation, and lactic acid is employed as a gentle AHA with postbiotic action, helping to clear the skin of impurities.

The second Gallinéeproduct is Clear & Microbiome, a supplement specially formulated for blemish-prone skin enriched with two strains of live probiotics which work from within: Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus to purify the skin and Lactococcus lactis, a ‘wonder probiotic’ that creates purifying vinegar directly in the gut. The supplement also includes zinc, known for its purifying action on skin; inulin – a natural extract from chicory with prebiotic properties; and a powerful aquaeus extract of nettle leaves to help skin with blemishes.

Commenting on the launch, brand founder Dr Marie Drago says: “Acne-prone skin needs support, not stripping. I wanted a global solution that would work with the skin, not against it.”