Gallybird has launched as the first naturally sugar-free, zero-calorie tonic water in the UK, offering a healthy alternative to conventional, sugary mixers.

Sweetened with stevia leaf extract and blended with natural quinine, citrus notes and ‘extra bubbly mineral water’, the brand says the tonic is a perfect balance of subtle sweetness with a little extra sparkle to give a light and delicious taste.

Designed to enhance rather than overpower spirits, or to be enjoyed on its own as a non-alcoholic alternative, the natural tonic is described as being unique and delicately light, and uses no artificial sweeteners.

“We realized that there was gap in the market for a completely natural, sugar-free tonic water,” explains Fiona Kemp, co-founder of Gallybird. “By using the delicate sweetness of stevia leaf extract we had the opportunity to create a naturally delicious, beautifully light premium tonic water that is completely sugar-free with zero calories and doesn’t compromise on taste – the ultimate guilt-free sundowner.”

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