Giki helps consumers identify sustainable ‘hero’ products


Social enterprise Giki has introduced a Hero badge to its shopping app to reward the most sustainable and healthy products available in major UK supermarkets and help reduce the overall environmental impact of shopping.

The new Hero badge follows a strict screening process, says the company, which utliizes Giki’s 13 other badges to select products that have a lower carbon footprint, avoid non-sustainable palm oil and, where applicable, support animal welfare, fair trade and sustainable fishing.

Once a potential product has passed these restrictions, it must get four of the following badges to receive its Hero status: Responsibly Sourced, Organic, Better Packaging, Low Carbon Footprint, Animal Welfare, No Additives, Healthier Options, or Supergreen (green on-pack traffic light indicator for salt, sugar and fats).

Giki’s Hero badge has already rewarded over 9,000 products across food and drink, skincare, haircare and household.

“As the food and drink we consume makes up around a quarter of our total environmental impact, choosing sustainable food is a really good way to reduce our impact,” explains Jo Hand, co-founder of Giki. “In addition, a sustainable diet can cost less than a regular one, due to the reduction in meat and cheese which tend to be an expensive component of the weekly shop.”

The Giki mobile app was launched in May 2018 to inform users about the supermarket products they buy and the companies they buy from by awarding badges to products based on sustainability, health and fairness.