Brighton welcomes new plant-based burger delivery service


Brighton is to become the first location in which new plant-based business Clean Kitchen Club will operate, delivering vegan burgers to the doorsteps of local residents to ‘revolutionize’ the city’s plant-based dining scene.

Launching on 25 June and offering free local delivery, the kitchen is the brainchild of YouTube star Mikey Pearce and childhood friend Abe Garman, who say the venture came about as a result of the coronavirus crisis which has caused many restaurants to ‘reinvent themselves to adapt to the market’.

The vegan menu was designed by Head chef Andrew Peters and MasterChef finalist and ITV chef Stacie Stewart and features six signature plant-based burgers plus accompanying sauces, sides, desserts and a list of drinks which include organic and CBD-infused options.

“We’re living in a new world and I don’t see things going back to normal for quite some time,” says Pearce. “I’ve wanted to launch this project with Abe for years and now is the perfect time. We have some incredible food designed by some equally amazing chefs on offer and can’t wait to see how people take to it.

We don’t want to just be known for great food … We want to have a positive impact on the communities around us

“Our aim is to become the fastest growing plant-based delivery-kitchen brand in the UK. We’ve got our eyes on every major city in the country with Manchester, London and Edinburgh firmly locked in our sight for the first few openings.

“We don’t want to just be known for great food though. We want to have a positive impact on the communities around us. Abe and I are already looking at ways to ensure we make positive changes around us, including a Brighton beach clean day and supporting local charities.”

Under the motto ‘Don’t do the dirty … keep clean’ the Clean Kitchen Club co-founders say they are ‘committed to sustainability’ beyond the ingredients they cook with and will be using 100% compostable packaging, as well as supporting Plastic Oceans.