Natural and organic brands feature strongly at 2014 lunch! show

Natural and organic brands will feature strongly at this year’s lunch! show, which takes place on 23-24 September at the Business Design Centre in London.

From organic soups to matcha green tea drinks to recyclable packaging, this year’s show will feature hundreds of food-to-go innovations from 300 exhibiting companies, making it an essential visit for thousands of trade buyers across the UK’s retailing, hospitality, snacking, convenience, and catering sectors.

Visitors to the lunch! show will be amongst the first people to see and try the new single serve pouch of Eat Natural’s new Toasted Muesli with Buckwheat (stand U116).  The pouch is an individual 65g serving of its wonderfully crisp, naturally gluten free muesli.  It has been designed specifically with the ‘breakfast on the go’ market in mind (RRP 79p).

PIP Organic (stand M242) has recently launched a new range of Cold Pressed Organic juices, which are perfect for all of the family.  The new fresh 750ml bottle range addition includes cloudy apple juice, apple with cherry and fresh orange juice (made from 100% organic fruit).  PIP Organic Cold Pressed juices are using the latest HPP technology mitigating the need for pasteurisation and retaining an orchard fresh taste.

O-Me Good Juice Bar (stand IZ 15) is exhibiting its new healthy smoothies and raw vegetable juice with boosters and super boosters that help detox, burn off fat, and boost energy.  New green juices include Green Goddess (also known as the ultimate detox); Lean Green with Kale; and Veggie green.

Eilles Tee UK (stand U303) is introducing BASIC textur (by herba cuisine).  A versatile, neutral texturiser, made purely from the white inner layer of citrus fruits and water, it can be used to stabilise or thicken hot or cold dishes (from sorbets and mousses to sauces and emulsions).  Other brands on show include Balgo – a pure, natural honey carrier spoon that is ready to mix into hot drinks.

Vita Coco Coconut Water (stand M322) has extended its core 330ml range with a Lemonade variant.  Vita Coco Lemonade (made from 100% natural coconut water mixed with fresh tasting lemon fruit puree) contains less sugar and has lower calories than other leading UK chilled still lemonades.  Their coconut water comes from young green coconuts and is full of naturally occurring potassium and essential electrolytes.

Tideford Organics (stand M231) is launching a new range of free from autumn soups.  These gluten and sugar free, organic soups are available in three delicious flavours – Winter Beetroot Soup with Curly Kale, Sweet Potato Soup with Chia Seed and Quinoa, and Red Lentil Soup with Apricots and Crushed Chillies.  All of their products are gluten free, organic and low in fat and salt.  They also produce vegan and vegetarian products.

JOOLS (stand U218a) is a new healthy green tea and super fruit drink with nutrient rich popping beads (jools).  All drinks are made in the EU, using the finest handpicked ingredients and are full of antioxidants and vitamins – with one bottle offering 100% RDA of 8 vitamins.  The jools nestled at the bottom of the bottle are packed full of flavour and explode in the mouth to release a taste sensation (less than 90 calories per bottle).

Glebe Farm Foods (stand U222) has expanded into foodservice.  Their gluten free offering includes 5kg bags of porridge oats, muesli, granolas, flours, homemade ‘loaf’ style cakes, ice cream cones, granola snack bars, cake and bread mixes, and beer and flavoured ciders.

Get Fruity (stand U218b) is a new healthy snack available in three flavours – Moist Mixed Berry, Scrumptious Strawberry, and Juicy Apricot, Orange & Ginger.  All three are bursting with real juice infused fruit and natural fruit juices, giving the bars a 39% fruit content.  The fruit is blended together with British wholegrain oats using virgin coconut oil, which stimulates the metabolism, and then lightly baked to lock in the flavour.

G&G Food Supplies’ Essential Food will have its debut at this year’s lunch! (stand A508). An organic blend of vegetarian/vegan ingredients that can be easily incorporated into a daily diet, it is packed full of nutrition and an excellent provider of slow release energy.

Of The Earth Superfoods (stand M323) is introducing its new breakfast made from 50% superfoods plus 50% ultra-thin gluten free organic oats.  Every generous 65g serving pot comes complete with spoon for the ultimate free-from experience.  Enriched with exciting superfoods, plus hemp and linseeds, it is free from gluten, GMO, wheat, dairy and nuts.

INVO Coconut Water (stand U105) returns to lunch! this year for the true freshly-cracked coconut water experience.  INVO is the world’s first coconut water to be cracked, bottled and HPPed all at source, keeping all the taste and nutrients that heat pasteurising usually removes.  New flavours launching at the show include INVO Coconut Water with tropical juice and INVO Coconut Water with green tea.

New exhibitor Meridian Foods, the UK’s leading producer of palm-oil free nut and seed butters, will be showcasing its nut butters and new nut bars at lunch! (stand U226).  New Peanut and Almond Bars feature all the nutty taste that has made Meridian’s nut butters, which offer 100% nuts, popular with nut fans.  Meridian will be sampling its peanut butter, cashew butter and almond butter (available in 1kg tubs) and its single serve 26g jars of peanut butter at the show.

teapigs (stand M530) is showcasing its new grab-and-go super power matcha green tea drinks that launched this summer.  A perfect healthy addition to chiller cabinets, each drink contains a full 1 gram serving of teapigs matcha, blended with fruit juice and natural spring water, all inside a 330ml Tetra Pak carton.

New exhibitor Jax Coco (stand U212) is a 100% pure coconut water drink sourced from coconuts in the Philippines and Haina.  Made using a micro-filtering process to ensure a smooth taste, they will be showcasing new flavours – natural chocolate and banana – at the show.

Rebel Kitchen (stand IZ-7) is introducing its recently launched a range of dairy-free mylks, available in six cheeky flavours (Choco, Banana, Orange Choc, Chocolate, Chai, and Matcha Green Tea).  The drinks are made with hydrating coconut milk blended with pure spring water and organic date nectar for sweetness.

Folkington’s Juices (stand M541) is launching a new variety into its existing stable of eight.  It’s called ‘Best of British Summer Berries’ and is made from a blend of juices from British grown raspberries, strawberries and blackcurrants.  Available in cases of 12 x 250ml glass bottles.

New healthy soft drinks brand Smug Drinks (stand IZ-03) is the brainchild of young Yorkshire entrepreneur Max Jones, who first came up with the concept while at university after realising the popularity of antioxidants and vitamins among students, plus a gap in the market.  The result is that each of Smug Drink’s four antioxidant packed variants has 100% RDA of three important B vitamins in every bottle.

lunch! visitors will be among the first to experience the new ‘naturalee’ refreshing drink from Simplee Aloe drinks (stand IZ-23).  Made with real fruit juice and rich in vitamins, it is packed with goodness and is surprisingly tasty.

Luscombe Organic Drinks (stand M327) has been making beautiful drinks since 1975.  Their drinks are crafted from quality ingredients, sourced direct from trusted growers.  This ensures that they get the best possible produce, grown to the highest standards.  New Passionate Ginger Beer is no exception and definitely worth putting to the test at lunch!.

10 Degrees C Ltd – Dr Martins Organic Green Coco Juice (stand M128) is naturally hydrating and the ideal beverage for sport, fitness and general wellbeing.  It is produced from 100% organically grown and certified coconuts (and only from young green coconuts).  New PET and Kids formats will be on show at lunch!.

Koyu Matcha Green Tea (stand U104) is bringing its potent, new matcha green tea lattes to the show.  Tipped as the next big healthy beverage trend, matcha boasts 137 times the antioxidants of regular green tea.  Already incredibly successful in Ireland, one of their customers sells 700 of these per week from one small café.

Eco-friendly tableware supplies company Little Cherry (stand A200) is introducing its new biodegradable natural coconut shell bowls this year.  Durable, robust and reusable, they can be used in the oven, freezer and dishwasher.  The half shell bowl measures 5″ long by 3″ wide by 2″ deep and are sold in packs of 10 for £8.99.  Also showing: new pizza plates, platters for sushi and canapés, and new shapes and sizes of bowls from its Palm Leaf tableware range.

The Heated Line from ELLER foodPackaging GmbH (stand IZ-6) is a new packaging range approved for safe use in hot cabinets according to EU-standards.  Launching at lunch!, all products are made from recyclable materials and were specifically designed for the grab-and-go market.  Additional features, such as tear-off perforation and self-seal ability, provide customers with an added benefit.

Eco friendly packaging company Biopac UK (stand M543) is launching new Take Home Boxes, branded ‘Too Good To Waste’.  They are designed to help cafes and restaurants reduce their food waste by encouraging diners to take their leftovers home to enjoy later.  Functional and sustainable, they can be fully composted when they’ve reached their end of life, so very kind to the environment.

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