New film aims to dispel myths around homeopathy

The recently released film Just One Drop, directed by Laurel Chiten (Blind Dog Films), has now been classified by the British Board of Film (BBFC) and is available for public screenings in the UK.

4Homeopathy premier of Just One Drop

The film explores the controversy around homeopathy, and asks if it has been given a “fair shake”. Explaining the reason behind the film, Chiten (pictured left) says: “Homeopathy has been maligned and misrepresented for 200 years. All I am trying to do with this film is give homeopathy a voice, a voice that continues to be misinterpreted.

“I want Just One Drop to open up a dialogue, get people talking to each other, asking questions, and sharing information. My ultimate dream is to have homeopathy available as a health care option for everyone and be integrated into healthcare systems around the world.”

The film’s producers have partnered with FanForce to bring the film to theatres across the UK and are looking for hosts. To become a host and for more information visit the FanForce website.