New conference encourages Scottish firms to tap into global sports and nutrition market

scottish conference

Cycling & Sports – Opportunities in Food and Drink is a new conference designed to encourage Scottish businesses to take advantage of the burgeoning sports and nutrition market.

The event – a collaboration between the Mountain Bike Centre of Scotland and host Abertay University in Dundee – will gather industry experts and academics from the worlds of food, nutrition and sports science.

Aimed at stimulating exchange of ideas, analysing trends and sharing expertise, the purpose of the conference – which takes place on 22 August – is to build partnerships across the sectors.

On the day, organizer Danny Cowe of the Mountain Bike Centre of Scotland will present a talk on Opportunities in the Cycling Industry. Cowe believes there is a real chance for Scottish companies to tap into the global market for sports and nutrition, which is worth over $20 billion.

“Cycling and sports products command high price points compared to general food stuffs, and this event is an opportunity to look at how food and drink businesses can best reach that market,” he says.

“There is a major buzz around sports nutrition and health at the moment, so producing new or enhanced products can only benefit both industry and those participating in sport.”

Among the businesses attending is Active Root, a new natural ginger-based sports drink company from Edinburgh, and Stoats, which produces a range of quick and easy snacks and cereals.

There will be networking and speed pitching sessions at the event, as well as a series of talks and one-to-one sessions.

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