Raw & Wild gets active with pili nuts

raw & wild

New from Raw & Wild come a range of Activated Pili Nuts available in both sweet and savoury varieties.

The five-strong range comprises: Original Pili Nuts, Himalayan Pink Salt, Chili, Turmeric & Ginger and Raw Chocolate & Coconut.

The nuts are pre-sprouted and dehydrated to preserve the vital enzymes, minerals and nutrients, which include vitamin E, magnesium, thiamine, manganese, phosphorous and copper.

The activation process breaks down complex starch, neutralizes the phytic acid – naturally found in all nuts and seeds – and, says the company, ‘ignites the life force’ of the nuts.

The pili fruits are hand harvested from the Bicol region of the Philippines and then left to dry in the sun before being shelled using small machetes called bolos.