Greenlife’s a winner with Fairtrade

Jon Inder and Becky Sherwood from Greenlife recently travelled to City Hall in Bristol to receive an award for the store at the South West Fairtrade Business Awards.

The Totnes-based retailer won the Silver Award Best Fairtrade Retailer (Multiple Products) which was presented at a ceremony during Fairtrade Fortnight.

The aim of the South West Fairtrade Business Awards is to increase sales of and support for Fairtrade amongst local businesses by promoting businesses that support Fairtrade and encouraging others to do more in this area.

“We are all really proud to receive the award, which is recognition for the effort everyone at Greenlife puts into promoting Fairtrade during Fairtrade fortnight and to our buying team who work hard to ensure that we have an extensive range of ethically-traded produce on our shelves. It is also a credit to the people of Totnes who continue to support Fairtrade through their shopping choices,” said Jon Inder from Greenlife, commenting on the award.

“During Fairtrade Fortnight we made a splash in town by doing a lot of in-store promotions to push our Fairtrade product range. Essential and Queenswood came in and did some sampling, and we also had sampling days from other suppliers. We got stock in from different manufacturers of Fairtrade products and did tastings throughout the event.

“For the Fairtrade banana campaign I dressed as a giant banana and we did in-store promotions and put a lot of effort into decorating the store. The local Totnes supporting Fairtrade organisation had a stand in the shop and were getting people to sign a petition to support the campaign. We had a display of information about bananas and the issues surrounding Fairtrade but also general information about the health benefits of bananas and where they’re from.”

Photo caption: Lucy Siegle (ethical and green expert at The Observer) presenting the Silver award to Becky Sherwood and Jon Inder from Greenlife

Photo credit: Jon Craig photography