As the sun sets on the inaugural day of Natural & Organic Products Expo 2024, we’re here to recap the highlights and offer a glimpse into what awaits you tomorrow. Today has been an extraordinary journey through the wonders of the natural and organic industry, and we’re just getting started.

Celebrating Nature’s Diversity

From the finest in vegan produce to the latest supplements, and innovations in household, beauty and wellbeing, NOPEX Day 1 showcased the incredible diversity of the natural and organic industry. Over 500 brands showcased an array of innovative products, techniques and ideas that bear the essence of sustainability and wellness.

World Class Seminar Programme

NOPEX’s expert-led seminars delved deep into a wide variety of subjects, from veganism to net zero on the Main Stage, and hormone health to sustainable innovations on the Beauty stage, leaving visitors inspired and empowered to make positive changes in both their businesses and their lives.

“you are perfect, you are part of nature, you are part of the universe. How could you not be?”

In the midday session ‘On Another Planet’, Renée Elliott took us on a journey through her story of founding, fighting for, growing and losing Planet Organic, plus the miraculous turn of fate that brought it back to her. The inspiring keynote session saw Renée talking about her mission of promoting health in the community and supporting the earth’s biodiversity along with sharing the life lessons she learnt along the way. “There will always be people who have more or less, are smarter, dumber, thinner, fatter and when you compare or judge you’re either actually making yourself less than or better than, which is actually the same game because both come from lack, from you not thinking you’re enough” Renée says, as she encouraged the audience to focus on being the best version of themselves, “you are perfect, you are part of nature, you are part of the universe. How could you not be?”

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After delivering a passionate seminar on the importance of becoming a key person of influence (‘Become a Key Person of Influence in your community and industry SPONSORED BY VIRIDIAN NUTRITION’), award winning author Daniel Priestly hosted a book signing on the Viridian stand, where Viridian stockists were able to get signed copies of Priestly’s best selling entrepreneurship books, as well as discuss shared ideas and values. Meanwhile, over on the Health Stores stand, Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of Food for the Brain Foundation and author Patrick Holford held a signing of his new book ‘Upgrade your Brain’, described as ‘a powerful solution to modern-day brain decline’ by neurologist Dr David Perlmutter. The themes of brain health and mental decline were explored in depth in Holford’s seminar session, one of the most popular sessions of the day, ‘The Four Horsemen of the Mental Health Apocalypse’, which proceeded the book signing.

Sunday was the day of trends, as seminar sessions ‘10 Trend to Watch in 2024’ by Mary Allen and ‘A new way to market certified organic and natural products- a focus on healthcare trends’ by Abi Weeds, Paige Tracey and Thomas Laird delved deep into opportunities, trends and insights currently driving sales in the natural & organic industry. Mushroom power, the important of the gut microbiome, brain function and being proactive with ones own health were named as some of the top trends to focus on in the coming year.

Networking and Connections

NOPEX Day 1 buzzed with excitement as key buyers, industry professionals and entrepreneurs came together to exchange ideas and forge meaningful connections. From budding start ups to established brands, the atmosphere was ripe for collaboration and innovation.

Sneak Peak into Day 2

Thought-provoking seminars

The NOPEX seminar programme continues with even more thought leaders and industry pioneers tackling pressing issues and exploring the future of the organic movement.

Day 2 will present headliner keynote speaker Mary Portas OBE, as she delves into the ever-evolving landscape of the natural and organic products industry in a fireside chat with Janey Lee Grace (12PM, Main Stage). With a focus on sustainability, ethical practices and consumers trends, Portas will share invaluable insights that are not to be missed!

Day 2’s panel discussions such as ‘Empowering the Green Transition’ (10:30AM, Beauty Stage’, The Great British Beauty Clean- Up (1.15PM, Beauty Stage), and ‘Organic Market Update and Growing Organic for All’ (3PM, Main stage), promise to ignite dialogue on sustainability, organic insights and diversity, inspiring action, and driving positive change.

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Discover New Trends

Stay ahead of the curve and discover the latest trends shaping the organic industry. From plant-based innovations to zero-waste solutions, NOPEX day 2 is your opportunity to stay informed and inspired by experiencing the first in cutting-edge eco-friendly solutions and sustainable alternatives.

Be Part of Something Bigger

By attending Day 2 of Natural & Organic Products Expo, you’re not just witnessing a movement – you’re actively participating in shaping the future of retail. NOPEX offers unparalleled opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for sustainability and wellness. As Event Director Annie Lindsell, and Event Manager Georgina Baker said in the NOPEX Show Guide, “As an industry that originates from values and ethics, we show up, to innovate and collaborate. There is a responsibility on us all to be the change this year, and every year”.

As we bid farewell to NOPEX Day 1, we invite you to join us tomorrow for another day of discovery, connection, and inspiration. Online registration has now closed, but you can register on the door where a £50 door fee applies. Proof of trade status must be shown at the door. For more information visit