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Tobia Teff
Tobia Teff

Snippets of news from Natual Products News

New Teff Flakes from Tobia Teff are made from 100% organic roasted teff grain. Packed with essential minerals, fibre and protein they are positioned as an alternative to porridge or muesli.

Haggerston-based artisan spirits distillery 58 Gin has expanded its range with two new sustainable additions: premium 58 English Berry Gin which uses foraged sloe berries and a revamped 58 Apple & Hibiscus Gin made with surplus/wonky apples.

Neal’s Yard Remedies has taken its therapy rooms online, enabling participants to experience homeopathy, reiki, acupressure, flower essence therapy, guided facials and many more therapies from the comfort of home through a one-to-one video appointment.

Incognito Incense Sticks now come in an attractive eco-friendly display boxes, signalling no more single-use plastic in the entire incognito range. The new display boxes each contain ten smaller boxes.

Jimmy Joy’s new Plenny Shake v3.0 blends oats, soy, golden flaxseed, rice flour, vitamins, minerals and probiotics for a nutritionally complete, sustainable vegan meal with a reduced 3.2g of sugar.

Balance by Everymoon is a new powdered vegan ‘superfood’ for busy women made from natural ingredients including pea protein, pumpkin seed powder, coconut medium chain triglycerides and sweetened with Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni.

British brand Kendamil has created Kendakids Vita-Boost Shake, a nutritious drink suitable for kids aged three to ten and available in Chocolate, Strawberry and Banana flavours. It contains 23 key vitamins and minerals and includes DHA, choline and iodine.

Nush almond ‘m*lk’ spreadable cheese has launched into Sainsbury’s and Asda and is also now available through JD’s, Suma, The Health Store, CLF, Hunts, Cress Co, Foodspeed and AM Brands.

Holy Moly has announced the launch of its all-natural Original Guacamole into 540 Tesco stores nationwide.

Strangeways Beers and Spirits has created two new CBD-infused gins: Hazy Dry and Hazy Strawberry, which have been handcrafted and distilled in Manchester.

Biona Organic has launched a range of its vegan meat substitute products – including Banana Blossom, Sweet & Smoky Jackfruit, Chilli Con Quinoa and Jackfruit Stew – into 296 Waitrose stores.

Moving Mountains’ Bleeding’ Burger, Sausages and Sausage Burger is now available in 300 Waitrose stores nationwide and via the retailers’ e-commerce platform.

Only four weeks after the initial Clean Kitchen Club opened in Brighton, YouTuber Mikey Pearce has launched his second site at the city’s new Shelter Hall Raw, touted as ‘the UK’s first socially distanced food hall’.