With less than a week to go before this year’s Natural & Organic Products Expo returns to ExCel London, Sharna Waid and Charlee Singleton explore the evolving trends in the natural and organic industry. Here are a few of the health, beauty and food trends to look out for at the show.


Natural Energy: Recommended for the ‘age of natural energy’ are natural rituals and ingredients such as nootropics, natural caffeine, and mango leaf extract (aka Zynamite) to balance our energy levels and free us from being reliant on coffee and sugar filled energy drinks.

Hydration Supplements: Busy lives make it harder for people to keep on top of optimal hydration, so topping up water consumption in the form of sachets, edible drops and gummies will start to grow in popularity.

A Calm Mind: In recent years, we’re becoming more aware of the importance of looking after our mental wellbeing as well as our physical. Adaptogens are becoming an increasing part of what consumers are looking to understand more about and the show is at the forefront for brands showcasing them.

Fibre and the Microbiome: The Fibre and Microbiome trend refers to the growing awareness of the important relationship between dietary fibre and gut health. Probiotic strains, prebiotics, synbiotics, and postbiotics will continue to attract attention in 2024.


Zero Waste Packaging: A major focus on reducing packaging waste with innovative, reusable, and compostable packaging solutions still remains important this year.

Sophisticated Simplicity: As more people are becoming mindful of over-consumption, consumers are still willing to pay more for quality products that are multifunctional, but last. A desire for beauty that is fuss-free but effective is on the rise.

Refillable Beauty Products: Encouraging customers to refill their beauty products to reduce single-use packaging and promote sustainability has even hit the mainstream. More brands are finding creative ways to offer conscious consumers refillable options.

Waterless beauty: Formulations that reduce water usage in products, such as powder-based or concentrated formulas. The Blue Beauty trend could also be incorporated here, beauty with ocean-safe ingredients.


Real Good Food: Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the ultra-processed nature of their diets and are shifting away from complicated ingredient lists to favour food in its most natural, unprocessed form.

Functionality as a Standard: As more of us choose to limit our alcohol intake and desire to be more mindful about our beverage choices, brands are building categories around non-alcoholic classics (think beers, wines, and spirits) as well as functional pre/probiotic sodas, adaptogen ingredients and more.

Optimised Eating: Advancements in technology are allowing brands to optimise and adapt their products to be more efficient for consumers, to account for their busy lifestyles.

Starts in the Gut: Gut health is fast becoming a hot topic, as research suggests it influences all other health systems in the body. Consumers will think more proactively about their gut health in 2024, choosing products that contribute to a healthy microbiome and healthy brain, heart and body.

There’s more to see at this year’s NOPEX than ever before, including 500+ trailblazing brands exhibiting innovative and trend-setting products, category listings to help you pinpoint the perfect product for your shelves, and our best seminar programme to date! Will we see you there?

Natural & Organic Products Expo returns to ExCeL London on 14-15 April. Registration closes midnight on 13 April. Afterwards, a door fee will apply. Proof of trade status is required onsite. Register for a free trade ticket here, or visit  www.naturalproducts.co.uk.