Taking part in the Running Out of Time Relay this summer, Lisa Gawthorne, MD of vegan distributor Bravura Foods, carried the baton through Liverpool as the climate action event made its way from Ben Nevis to Big Ben.

The relay is Britain’s biggest sporting celebration of climate action and nature, involving thousands of runners, walkers, wheelers and cyclists, each of whom contributed between one and 18 miles to the 1,653-mile route.

Travelling through 50 cities and towns, the relay aimed to ‘inspire the nation to take collective action towards net zero, because the planet is running out of time’.

The baton featured a digital climate clock, ‘symbolizing the race against time’. At its end destination it was delivered to Parliament on 11 July, carrying the following message: “What do we do when we’re running out of time? We get moving! We are calling on everyone – from national Government to local Government, from individuals to communities, from schools to businesses – to work together to protect our world now and for future generations.”

Gawthorne (pictured) – a decorated athlete – escorted the baton from Liverpool’s Wavertree Athletic Stadium to Stadt Moers Park, covering six miles.

It’s a matter very dear to my heart and I am excited to be representing Vegan Runners

“I am delighted to be involved in such a brilliant campaign that drives home the need to understand more and act with intention to reduce climate change. It’s a matter very dear to my heart and I am excited to be representing Vegan Runners on this relay through the streets of Liverpool,” commented Gawthorne.

“It was a close tie between either running or cycling my route, but I wanted to enjoy every step and I feel I will be more connected to the cause running it. It’s great to see so many club members and the wider community who have chosen to move the baton from stage to stage.

“It’s been carried in a variety of different ways – it’s been walked, wheel-chaired, run, cycled, skied, Morris-danced, canoed, dragon boated and transported across the Thames in cable car. I enjoyed every single step of the run,” she told NPN after finishing.