The Who’s Who in Natural Beauty – the annual list of personalities helping to steer the future of green beauty – has reopened for entries. 

The coveted list returns for 2023 with a focus on inclusivity, as initiative organizer Natural Beauty News (NBN) encourages voters to ‘think broadly’ when considering who to nominate.   

“Just as we’re always on a quest to discover new natural beauty products, so too are we continually seeking to get better acquainted with the brains behind those innovations,” comments Rosie Greenaway, editor of NBN.   

“People often talk about unsung heroes, but we don’t believe the beauty industry should exclude anyone from the recognition they so deserve – and there really are some amazing people out there fighting for a more sustainable beauty sector.  

“The Top 25 regularly includes a number of very familiar faces and while this credit is wholly earned and justifiable, we want start-ups, solo entrepreneurs and newcomers in the natural beauty industry to know this list is open to all, and that anyone in the beauty business can run a social media campaign to generate votes.  

We want … newcomers in the natural beauty industry to know this list is open to all

“Inclusivity is so important and we know there is great diversity in our industry, so we really want the list to properly reflect that and represent people from all backgrounds. For this reason we’re asking you to think broadly when voting, and nominate outside of your inner circles. Who have you met recently who inspired you? Whose green beauty podcast has you hooked? Who was the last panellist at a trade show whose name you noted down? Who do you believe is the future of sustainable beauty? And crucially, what are your reasons for putting that person forward? This year the motivations behind votes will hold as much weight as the number of votes, and we hope in this way the Who’s Who in Natural Beauty 2023 will feel more representative of the diverse personalities who make up our wonderful world of beauty.” 

Votes can be submitted via the form below; the closing date is Friday 14 July 2023.  

Who's Who in Natural Beauty

Top 25 Who's Who in Natural Beauty - nomination form

  • Please go into as much detail as possible about why they deserve to be on the list.