Clearspring adds five new organic condiments to its offering

Authentic Japanese and organic fine foods specialist Clearspring has launched five delicious new condiments: Organic Shichimi, Organic Irigoma Whole Sesame and Black Sesame, and Organic Gomashio Whole Sesame and Black Sesame flavour. All five condiments are traditional culinary staples in almost every Japanese kitchen.

Clearspring Organic Shichimi, or shichi (seven) mi (flavours) which is also known by some as ‘Japanese seven spice’, is one of, if not the only organic Shichimi products in the UK and brings together the perfect balance of seven different ingredients. It contains both black sesame and whole sesame seeds, which have been toasted to bring out their natural flavour, then mixed with a masterful blend of the other ingredients including chilli, black pepper, nori and orange peel. The chilli is beautifully complemented by refreshing aromatic citrus notes and the complex umami rich twist of sesame and nori.

Clearspring’s Organic Shichimi’s is perfect for adding a depth of flavour to a wide variety of meals including noodle dishes, tofu as well as for BBQs. It can be added as an ingredient while cooking, or simply sprinkled over your finished meal as a garnish.

Clearspring Organic Irigoma or toasted (iri) sesame seeds (goma), is made using whole organic sesame seeds which have been lightly toasted to bring out their natural flavour. Gomashio or sesame seeds (goma) with salt (shio) is made using lightly toasted sesame seeds which are gently ground to given them a softer texture before being blended with a flavourful natural sea salt.

Clearspring Organic Irigoma and Gomashio are incredibly versatile and are perfect for adding a depth of flavour and flourish to anything from rice, pasta and vegetables to soups and salads. The Black Sesame varieties have a slightly stronger and more robust flavour compared to Whole Sesame seeds.

All of the new Clearspring Organic Condiments are produced in small batches to ensure that the taste and quality is perfect every time, and come in reusable and recyclable glass jars, with the Gomashio and Irigoma available in 100g, and the Shichimi available in 50g.