Dirtea expands their retail partnership with Selfridges

DIRTEA, creators of the purest and most potent functional mushroom products on the market extends their retail partnership with Selfridges, launching the full DIRTEA range at Selfridges stores in Manchester Trafford, Manchester Exchange and Birmingham.

Already a bestselling range within the Health category at Selfridges London and Selfridges.com, Selfridges is now stocking the full range of DIRTEA Mushroom Powders (Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, Reishi, and Tremella) and DIRTEA Mushroom Super Blends (Coffee, Matcha and Cacao) at stores nationwide from February 2024.
Supporting DIRTEA’s mission to take functional mushrooms mainstream via partnerships with iconic retailers, the growing relationship between Selfridges and DIRTEA illustrates the nationwide demand for high quality, adaptogenic products which offer transformative health and wellness benefits.

“Since launching, we have been committed to showcasing the power of functional mushrooms to health-conscious consumers. We’re thrilled to make our market-leading range even more accessible, working with Selfridges, one of the UK’s most trusted and respected retailers” says Andrew Salter, Co-Founder of DIRTEA. “In recent months we’ve announced a series of high-profile retail partnerships, which speaks volumes about the demand for DIRTEA and the trust customers and retailers have placed in the quality of our products. Creating one of the world’s fastest-growing wellness brands and communities has seen DIRTEA become a daily ritual for so many and we’re excited to watch this partnership develop in what promises to be a very exciting year for DIRTEA.”

Pioneering the global ‘Shroom Boom’, DIRTEA is renowned for its exceptional quality of products with dual-extract mushroom powers that are derived solely from the mushrooms’ fruiting bodies – 100% organic and vegan. As the number one online functional mushroom brand and the UK’s leader in Mushroom Tea, Coffee, and Super Blends, DIRTEA incorporates scientifically researched functional mushrooms to offer a wide range of benefits including improved focus, calm, immunity, and energy.