New Bamboo Balsam Tissues from The Cheeky Panda

The Cheeky Panda, the leading brand in sustainable bamboo paper is set to change the game with another first – the launch of their Bamboo Balsam Tissues with Aloe Lotion. Crafted from 100% sustainable Bamboo this innovative tissue is a fusion of soothing comfort and sustainable brilliance.

Bamboo Balsam Tissues is perfect for soothing winter cold, battling the flu, and surviving allergy season. They’re ultra gentle, making them perfect for even the most sensitive skin, and they are made from 100 per cent sustainable, FSC Certified bamboo, which is vegan, cruelty-free and free from any petroleum derivatives. Plus 1p from every pack sold will be donated to WWF to support vital conservation work.

With winter-related illnesses spiking by 46%, and 55% of UK consumer actively seeking sustainable choices, The Cheeky Panda’s Bamboo Balsam Tissues are a must-stock sustainable solution for the trade.

Dave Southgate, Director of Retail at The Cheeky Panda says: “With the sniffle season upon us and sustainability trends on the rise, our Bamboo Balsam Tissue with Aloe Lotion is not just a tissue; it’s a game-changer and another first in Sustainable Paper. Crafted from 100 per cent sustainable bamboo, it’s like a cozy blanket for your nose. We’re not merely launching a product; we’re shaping the narrative where quality, value for money and sustainability converge. Brace yourselves, retailers, because our tissue isn’t just about soothing sniffles; it’s about making your shelves a beacon for the category and creating an all-year-round sales opportunity.”

The Cheeky Panda Bamboo Balsam Tissues with Aloe Lotion launch in February 2024 . RSP £2.30 with each box containing 64 tissues. 12 packs per case. Available to order from all good wholesalers now.

The Cheeky Panda