Viva veggie!

As the plant food movement is gathering pace, the vegetarian and vegan food categories have been given a whole new lease of life

There seems to be no stopping the vegetarian and vegan sector. In the UK alone, sales of meat-free products rose to nearly £660 million last year, with similar growth – around 7% – expected for 2015.

A recent report from Mintel shows that the number of food and drink products carrying a vegetarian claim doubled in the four years between 2009-2013.

Mintel estimates  that around 12% of UK adults would describe themselves as vegetarian or vegan. 12% of 45 million is a decent demographic for anyone to work with, but as the rise of so-called ‘flexitarianism’ shows, meat-free foods appeal well beyond the full-time vegetarian and vegan community.

The fact that nearly half (48%) of Brits see meat-free products as being more environment-friendly and 52% identify them as being healthier is also helping to propel the category onwards and upwards.


But something more interesting has been happening to the category. It has been fragmenting into sub-categories and ‘mini-movements’. Even the major multiples have had to rethink how and where they position and present their vegetarian and vegan offer to extract the maximum value out of these seriously on-trend foods.

The multiples think vegetarianism has a problem. It’s name. Vegetarian, so the marketeers say, sounds old-fashioned and carries outdated connotations (for example, conjuring up memories of nut roasts and lentil burgers). That’s the thinking that led M&S to recently relaunch its entire vegetarian ready-meal range. Out went the dedicated vegetarian aisles, and – pretty much – out went the word vegetarian (certainly it appears much less prominently on pack). The logic is that this ‘normalizes’ the
vegetarian sector and potentially opens it up to a much bigger audience.

Brands too have been wrestling with which label best describes the category. Some use a variant of free-from, some choose ‘meat-free’, a growing number use ‘plant-based’. The one word no one thinks is old-fashioned or too difficult is vegan, or its feisty, young offspring raw vegan.

Culinary cool

Veganism has travelled a very long way, from being the foodie equivalent of the awkward squad to being the epitome of culinary cool, and the choice of a whole host of celebrity A-listers. There are vegan festivals (just look at the Vegfest phenomenon), vegan cafés and clubs and several vegan magazines.

So how is that translating into sales in-store – and what trends are independent natural products retailers seeing in the ‘V&V’ sector?

Joe Jackson at Haselmere Health told us: “We’ve seen a big influx over the last few months of customers asking specifically for vegan products and ingredients – lots of interest in no-sugar and no-dairy diets. I think quite a bit of that is down to the success of books like Deliciously Ella, which seems to have captured the imagination  of a lot of people. Ella Woodward created a diet, and then recipes, that address the inflammatory issues that are at the root of a lot of modern health problems – it’s really resonated with our customers.

“I think more broadly there’s a growing awareness of the health issues around dairy. Nutritionists often now urge people to cut down or avoid dairy altogether, so even if they don’t see themselves as vegans per se, they are increasingly making vegan choices. I’d say here, that less than 5% of the food and drink products we sell contain dairy.”

Whey on down

Jackson says that coconut oil continues to fly high, along with raw chocolate – “it’s massive”. He also singles out yeast flakes (such as Marigold’s Engevita) – used for sprinkling as a cheese alternative – for a special mention. Coyo vegan milk yoghurt is also a strong seller, he says, and Pana raw, vegan hand-made chocolate ticks a lot of boxes. Jackson has also noticed a swing towards vegan protein sources – “we’re seeing things like hemp protein on the up, and whey on the way down”.

Meanwhile, Haselmere Health’s owner, Dominic Upton, says he has been asked to set up a raw vegan shop at this year’s Glastonbury Festival. “I was slightly surprised, but really encouraged at the interest that raw vegan is now getting,” he says.

John Buxton, manager at Ryecorn Wholefoods in Brighouse, Yorkshire, says more of his customers see the word vegan – and even more the Vegan Society logo – as shorthand for ‘clean food’. “There are so many hidden ingredients in food, so it’s understandable that people are looking for clear signposting to honest, wholesome food.”

And Buxton is another retailer who’s spotted the rise of veganism. “Over the last 18 months in particular it’s been very noticeable that more people are specifically asking for vegan rather than vegetarian.” His store offers a good range of veggie and vegan foods. “Ready meals – curries in particular – are really popular, as are stocks, bouillon and ice cream. We do veggie and vegan sausages and cheeses too, but I draw the line at things like fake bacon. It’s so highly processed that it can’t have much nutritional value.”

Changing attitudes

Sally Marshall, groceries manager at Wild Oats in Bristol, tells a nice story about the changing attitudes to veganism. “When, at the age of 19, I announced that I had become a vegan, a friend of my dad’s commented: ‘Well, it could be worse, she could be on drugs’.”
Fast forward to 2015 and things have changed beyond recognition.

Marshall believes the raw vegan trend has been bringing a lot people over to veganism, pointing out that “a lot of things that are raw are also vegan.” But she also has a strong sense of a vegan movement returning. “I’ve noticed a resurgence in animal welfare reasons for choosing to be vegan, which is how I remember it. For the last ten or 15 years it’s seemed to be more health-motivated. It may well be to do with all the media coverage of factory farming, and places like Nocton. And then you’ve got chefs like Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall who like their meat and fish but who have also drawn attention to the terrible way many animals are kept.”

“The one word no one thinks is old-fashioned or too difficult is vegan, or its feisty, young offspring raw vegan”

Great way to share

Marshall also thinks that the ability for people to “live a whole vegan lifestyle” is now made easier by better nutritional understanding and the growing body of research that shows that a plant food-based diet is the healthiest. And, she says, it’s never been easier to communicate the benefits. “Social media has been a major factor in spreading the word. Many vegans are real foodies –
they love sharing recipes or hearing about a great new food product. That’s certainly what we’ve found with our own Facebook and blogging experience.”

In store, raw chocolate is a runaway success, as are raw cakes. Vegusto’s No Moo cheese comes recommended by Marshall – “It’s made with nuts and is minimally processed, which is a trend I think we see more of.” She likes the new chia desserts and says that vegan snacks and bars also sell well. “You can’t not mention coconut. It’s old news, I know, but it’s everywhere!”


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“because Organico only works direct with growers and farmers who pack their own produce we are confident of the quality, provenance, traceability and food security.  With pesto our choice was between cheap products where the basil grown in China is frozen or the real thing.   The cheap product tastes terrible: you can easily tell it apart – it’s dark green and the oil separates.  Our vegan pesto is made by a small Genovese faily business – it is raw and use only fresh ingredients.   This pesto tastes just as it would if you had blended the ingredients yourself in the kitchen.”


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