There’s a new dawn beckoning in the slimming and detox category, writes Denise Barrett; the harsher methods of previous regimes are giving way to a balanced, cleansing approach of smart nutrition to help us reboot from lockdown sofa snacks and prep for the Christmas season

This ‘new dawn’ in slimming will have its work cut out to address the landscape of health conditions engendered by COVID-19. The major issue here is obesity, but also its collateral damage such as diabetes and psychologically rooted problems like eating disorders.  

Some of the stats reported in the media are sobering reading. In February, Obesity, the research journal of the Obesity Society, published a landmark study titled The Impact of COVID-19 Stay-At-Home Orders on Health Behaviors in Adults. It concluded that during lockdown, weight gain has affected 33% of people with obesity compared with 25% of people with a healthy weight and 21% of those who are overweight. 

The aim of this study was to quantify changes in habitual dietary behaviours, physical activity, sleep, sedentary behaviours and mental health – before and during the initial peak of the pandemic. It was found that during the pandemic, overall scores for healthy eating increased owing to less eating out and more home cooking. Sedentary leisure behaviours increased, while time spent in physical activity declined. 

Anxiety scores increased during the pandemic and the magnitude of increase was significantly greater in people with obesity. Anxiety was reported in 27.5% of the total sample compared with 33.4% in participants with obesity.

“Diet is no longer about preparing for swimsuit season, it is a tool for wellbeing … to achieve broader goals of feeling healthy”

The study concluded: “The pandemic has produced significant health effects, well beyond the virus itself. Government mandates together with fear of contracting the virus have significantly impacted lifestyle behaviours alongside declines in mental health. These deleterious impacts have disproportionately affected individuals with obesity.”

The vulnerable young
In July, BBC online reported on the rise of eating disorders with an investigation that found the number of young people hospitalized with the condition in England rose during the pandemic. Data obtained from NHS Digital showed that the number of under-20s admitted over the past year topped 3,200 – nearly 50% higher than in 2019-20. 

Mental health charities said the pandemic, and lockdowns in particular, have had a devastating impact on vulnerable young people, increasing their anxiety and isolation. This has led to more people developing eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia – and deterioration in many youngsters with existing diagnoses.

Tom Quinn from Beat reported a huge increase in demand for the charity’s helpline, with many talking about increased anxiety, isolation and lack of support as factors, while Emma Thomas, chief executive of Young Minds, said the pandemic has left many young people ‘isolated, uncertain about the future and less in control’.

Natural innovators
Back in May the so-called new dawn of ‘dieting’ referred to earlier was headlined in a piece by online trends reporter Food Navigator, which stated: ‘Diet is no longer about preparing for swimsuit season, it is a tool for wellbeing … to achieve broader goals of feeling healthy and high-functioning’.

That ethos is quintessentially captured by organic brand Purearth. Co-founded by raw food expert Tenna Annette, the company uses a mix of highly potent superfoods created using an infusion of adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms, Ayurvedic herbs, tonics and raw cold-pressed juices designed to help support overall health and liver function. Annette thinks creatively about future trends and considers herself ‘an agitator for change’. 

Purearth began back in 2012 with a supply of organic fruit and veg from the farmers’ market and a home juicer. But now, says Annette, juice cleanses have really arrived. “Previously, consumers associated detoxing and juice cleanses with weight loss. But the new cleanses are not targeted just to shed the pounds. Now, a more holistic approach is taken with many ‘smart’, bespoke juice cleanses on the market. Juice cleanses can improve alkaline levels, alleviate fatigue and boost immunity. They can aid preparation for conceiving, remove heavy metals from the body, improve skin health and balance hormones. 

“The pandemic has shifted our focus. We are approached more and more by people who want to reset their digestive system or generally boost their health. The new attitude to weight loss is more holistic, even preventative. It’s geared to being healthy – to withstand what the pandemic might throw our way, rather than being just about aesthetics.”

Core strategy
British Apples & Pears is a new initiative that gets right to the core of post-COVID weight management. It’s a cooperative of apple and pear growers who are working together to supply a high quality and sustainably grown British crop. Registered nutritionist Rob Hobson has partnered with the co-op to promote the Happy Apple plan, reaping the benefits of eating an apple before a meal as part of a healthy diet. Hobson maintains the Plan is a simple way to lose extra ‘COVID and Christmas’ pounds this winter. “Consuming an apple before a meal will help to increase the overall fibre content and help you feel full and satisfied for longer. You’ll also benefit from the apples’ healthy flavonoids.”

“Juice cleanses can improve alkaline levels, alleviate fatigue and boost immunity”

Pectin, the fibre found in apples helps to regulate bacteria in the gut, which may help to suppress weight gain and fat accumulation in the body. High water-density foods are effective in helping weight loss, and apples are made up of 86% water.

Proven and popular
Most people take probiotics to boost their gut and immune health, but ProVen Probiotics ShapeLine has also shown consistent weight-loss benefits across two clinical trials involving nearly 300 participants. The most recent (second) study of 70 overweight participants aged 45-65 resulted in a substantial average reduction of 3.2kg simply by participants taking one capsule of ShapeLine a day, with no changes to diet, exercise or lifestyle

ProVen produces a range of probiotic supplements developed for different life stages, all of which contain the Lab4 (ShapeLine) group of friendly bacteria combined with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Lab4 is the name given to the group of friendly bacteria strains developed by Dr Nigel Plummer, MD of ProVen, together with the scientists at Cultech in South Wales. 

Making the link between obesity and cholesterol, Paul Haynes, owner of Sunlight Apothecary in Todmorden, West Yorkshire, says: “I’ve noticed a few COVID-related trends both during and post lockdown, such as an increased demand for natural cholesterol-reducing supplements, especially from women buying for their husbands/male partners. A product by Natures Aid is popular, called Cholesterol Support Formula, based on plant sterols, which have been shown to naturally reduce cholesterol.”

In Rye, East Sussex, medical Herbalist Georgina Woods, who runs Rye Health Store, notes that an influx of people moving down from the capital during lockdown also led to heightened demand for weight-loss products.

Keto trending
The ketogenic diet is catching the zeitgeist as a very low-carbohydrate regime designed to induce ketosis – a metabolic state in which the body uses fat as fuel instead of carbs. This can cause significant reductions in blood sugar and insulin levels, which along with increased ketones (a type of chemical that the liver produces when it breaks down fats) has been shown to generate health benefits.

Newly rebranded keto snack producer Fatt reports that the sector is growing at an accelerated rate. Fatt originally found success under its previous name, FattBar, but believes the repositioning will increase the brand’s impact on consumers and retailers. 

The company offers gluten-free, all-natural, low-carb and low-sugar keto products and claims it is the only keto brand on the market that is entirely sweetener-free. The rebrand is comprehensive, including packaging, website, social media identity and brand personality. Fatt founder Hannah Sutter sums up: “The Fatt rebrand is bold and disruptive and has been designed to have a strong on-shelf presence and debunk the multitude of confusing diet myths, while clearly communicating the products’ functional and nutritional benefits.”



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You might need support for your blood glucose levels.

When we eat high carbohydrate or sugary foods, we raise the levels of glucose in the blood. This has to be well-controlled as high glucose levels have a negative effect on health. The hormone insulin helps us use the glucose or store the excess as fat. If this process is disrupted, we may have energy slumps when high sugar levels drop, experience weight gain, and perhaps even permanently disrupted metabolism.

Gluco Complex is a unique combination of powerful nutrients for blood glucose and energy support. It provides a high dose of chromium to help the body maintain balanced blood glucose levels, along with vitamins B2, B3, B5 and B6, manganese and magnesium for energy support and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. It includes alpha lipoic acid which is a powerful antioxidant produced in the body, as well as Myo-inositol, a naturally occurring substance produced in the body, which is the most easily used by the body type of inositol, and has been used in clinical trials.

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Introducing Planet Paleo’s new Keto collection for any individual who wants to maximise their metabolic goals and support their energy levels. It harnesses the power of pure C8 caprylic acid, a medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) that produces 3X more ketones than any other fatty acid, to fuel the mitochondria with quick-release energy. This range includes Keto C8 MCT Oil—a high-strength oil derived from coconuts, a smooth-textured Keto C8 MCT powder ideal for blending in drinks or using in baking, and Keto Collagen for those who prefer their MCT with a shot of clean, grass-fed collagen protein to set them up for the day.


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Fat Burner is especially formulated for people who eat healthily and exercise regularly but the final pounds refuse to disappear.
Fat Burner™ contains a combination of yerba mate, wakame, ginger, green tea, milk thistle and the nutrient choline.
Yerba mate has a very high content of antioxidants and supports the metabolism and supports healthy weight loss. Choline is an important nutrient as it contributes to normal fat processes within the body and cleanses your inner organs including the liver. The content of ginger, green tea and milk thistle contribute to boosting the body’s fat-burning hormones.
Fat Burner™ is vegan and is easy to take with just two tablets a day.


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Bodylean® CLA Plus can help reduce body fat and in turn increase muscle tone. Conjugated Linoleic Acid is added, to manipulate the way the body stores fat and helps utilise it as energy, regulating and lowering body fat percentages, and increasing muscle tone.  Other ingredients include L-Carnitine, L-Ornithine and CoQ10 for enhanced metabolism, together with Chromium and Gymnaema Sylvestre to aid sugar cravings and blood sugar regulation. Maximum benefit is achieved if taken in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise.  

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