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The latest monthly Health File feature from the pages of Natural Products News – the leading trade magazine for the natural and organic products industry.

Nūmi: Cultivated Breast Milk Startup Raises €3M in Pre-Seed Funding, Plans...

4 Mins Read Nūmi, a French startup making breast milk from cell-cultured mammary glands, has raised €3M in pre-seed funding to expand its R&D...

The remedy revolution

A format innovation bug is spreading through the natural health winter wellness sector like wildfire. Matt Chittock catches the latest trends shaping the category...

Eat smart, stay sharp

Studies show how a healthy diet and targeted supplementation can help us stay mentally sharp, calm and energized as we age, says Jim Manson.  

Making a stand for children’s health

A perfect storm of health challenges means indies have a bigger role than ever to play in protecting kids' health prospects writes Jim Manson 

A matter of balance

Jane Wolfe confirms that good nutrition remains the cornerstone for healthy weight management and gut microbe composition can be a factor.

Wellbeing meets wanderlust

Rosie Greenaway packs her bags and heads off in search of new scenery with natural products in tow to maintain wellbeing on the road.

A quest for equity

Women have suffered years of neglect by the healthcare system with symptoms dismissed, inconsistent treatment and a lack of research.

Sleepwalking into a crisis

It’s not rocket science that lying at the root of tiredness and fatigue is often consistent, poor quality sleep, reports Denise Barrett.

Joint effort

Jim Manson discovers that maintaining strong bones and supple joints – thus avoiding becoming an NHS statistic – means supplementing early.

From distress to de-stress

Whether it’s with shamanic healing, ear seeds or adaptogens, the world of natural de-stressing often draws on traditional wisdom.

Reader’s digest

The significance of the gut on overall health is seeping through to mainstream consciousness, but digestive problems are still widespread, says Jane Wolfe. The...

Fasting and fuelling

Despite what mainstream media still so often tells us, weight management isn’t all about weight loss, reports Rosie Greenaway.

Banking on immunity

There is much to fend off this season with soaring energy costs and the ‘immune deficit’ of colds, flu and COVID-19, writes Denise Barrett.

Savvy seniors

The ageing demographic is on the rise and 60 is the new 40; Denise Barrett investigates cutting-edge products to support senior wellness.

Growing pains

Matt Chittock considers why natural health retailers are best placed to help children bounce back after the pandemic.

Women at work

The UK is lagging behind in its support of women's health in the workplace; Rosie Greenaway hears from those calling for policy change. 


Jim Manson questions the concept of ‘safe limits’ for exposure to pollutants and rounds up dynamic solutions to keep allergies under control.

Cognitive challenge

Never have our brains been so under the cosh than since the advent of the pandemic. Anxiety, depression, despondency, decreased cognitive function and plain...

Running on empty

Jim Manson introduces ‘uncertainty fatigue’ and paints a picture of how the ambiguity of the pandemic has left weary Brits running on empty.

Pandemic pains

Plan B encouraged us to work from home, but ditching the ergonomic chair took a toll on the nation’s joint health, Sharna Waid reports