Health File

The latest monthly Health File feature from the pages of Natural Products News – the leading trade magazine for the natural and organic products industry.

Facing down fatigue

Chronic tiredness and fatigue have dogged the nation big time, and never more so since the spectre of COVID and its myriad of implications.

Blood, sweat and fears

From syncing your schedule with your cycle, to paid leave for loss of pregnancy, Rosie Greenaway discovers what’s trending in women’s health.

The daily dose

From canned drinks to oral sprays, Rosie Greenaway discovers it’s not all pill-popping when it comes to keeping deficiencies at bay

Fit for future

COVID-19 has placed good health in old age firmly into the spotlight, but are people more savvy about investing in their wellbeing?

Grey matter

From the impact of dementia on women to the ‘long COVID’ syndrome experienced by many, Jo Caird makes a mind map of the brain health sector.

Back to the future

The natural health industry is taking a joint approach to bone health, blending proven treatments and new approaches, writes Matt Chittock

Under pressure

After a challenging 2020, Jane Wolfe looks at the cumulative effect that concerns around COVID have had on the nation’s stress levels.

Going with your gut

Rosie Greenaway takes notes from digestive health experts about how listening to your body is key for optimum gut health.

A clean sweep

Jane Wolfe looks at the consequences of lockdown on diet and the solutions health stores can offer to provide a cleanse to bodies and minds.  

A winter like no other

In a year characterized by the coronavirus, how will winter 2020 lookfor the natural remedies sector? Kate Miller speaks to the experts

Viva la vulva!

Jane Wolfe finds out that natural self-care brands are taking on the challenge to educate and change attitudes towards intimate health

Inflammation: the silent assassin

Chronic inflammation is a factor in myriad chronic health conditions but sometimes symptoms are invisible says Jane Wolfe.

Inside insomnia

A problem for Brits at the best of times, sleep issues are being exacerbated due to the pandemic, leaving many feeling exhausted, reports Jane Wolfe.

Come fly with me …

With mounting appreciation of the negative environmental cost of flying, how can consumers help protect themselves and the planet when taking to the skies?

What’s noo?

Personal experience is fuelling a fresh wave of natural nootropics to help consumers back to mental balance, says Matt Chittock For some in the natural...

Back on track

Bone up on joint health with Matt Chittock for all the latest and traditional approaches to keeping customers standing tall Are you sitting uncomfortably? Then...

New Year, new stress

Is the pressure we put upon ourselves to change during January causing us problems? Alice Wright considers whether unrealistic New Year’s resolutions could be...

Gut vibrations

With irritable bowel syndrome affecting approximately 12 million people in the UK, Jane Wolfe finds out how diet and lifestyle changes can significantly help...

The K word

With celebrity followers helping boost its appeal the keto diet is still very much in vogue. But does it sit comfortably within the natural health sector?

Beat the sneeze

Ancient knowledge and modern research are combining to make winter remedies even more effective in 2019, explains Matt Chittock Ancient cave people coming down with...