Body and Mind brews up organic Cannabis Tea

Body and Mind
Body and Mind

New British organic brand Body and Mind Botanicals — founded by a team of ‘cannabis experts’ — has launched onto market with a three-SKU range of Soil Association-certified organic Cannabis Tea.

Body and Mind creates its brews using the whole cannabis plant, and stresses that the combination of buds and leaves ensures that every serving contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids, including both CBD and CBDa. Each cup delivers 25-40mg of CBDa, which the body is able to process more easily and effectively than CBD, so the benefits are felt more rapidly.

The offer comprises: Cannabis Tea in bags, described as smooth and aromatic with a clean and fresh taste profile; Peppermint Cannabis Tea in bags — a refreshing and uplifting herbal brew which also supports digestion and calms hay fever symptoms; and Cannabis Tea Loose-Leaf.

“At Body and Mind Botanicals, we are passionate advocates of the incredible, intrinsic health and wellbeing benefits of the cannabis plant,” says co-founder Michael Fitzgerald. “As such, we are bringing to market accessible, high quality and 100% certified organic, cannabis-derived remedies and solutions, including our first range of organic Cannabis Tea, which will enable UK consumers to experience these for themselves.”

The Body and Mind Botanicals range also includes Organic Cold Pressed Cannabis Oil and Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Oil.

The cannabis plants used by the brand are grown on multi-generation, certified organic farms in the Baltic region. The bagged teas are packaged in biodegradable teabags.