Cano Water calls out industry greenwashing with World Earth Day stunt

Cano Water, the world’s first canned water brand, has called out industry greenwashing in its new OOH campaign in London’s Piccadilly Circus, aiming to raise awareness of the number of water brands that are greenwashing their recycling claims.

Created to support World Earth Day’s ‘Planet vs Plastics’ theme, the stunt saw Cano Water founder, Josh White stood defiantly next to an installation of a washing machine marked with caution tape and a ‘Greenwashing in Progress’ sign, while stopping passersby to engage in conversation about the need to boycott plastic.

It comes as plastic giants including Danone, Nestle and Coca Cola face legal action for their plastic use, despite publishing reports to persuade people that they have put actions in place to reduce consumption and use sustainable alternatives.

He says: “It’s not good enough that global brands aren’t owning up to the amount of plastic pollution they still contribute to. Since founding Cano Water, we have always taken a stand against single-use plastic bottles, encouraging openness and transparency – it’s time for our fellow water brands to do the same.

“We’re hopeful that our installation will help to open consumers’ eyes to the greenwashing claims so many brands are making, and finally see them for what they are – a box ticking exercise. If brands such as Nestle and Danone truly believe about saving the planet and becoming more sustainable, they will turn the plastic tap off once and for all”.

The installation comes as two new investors join the brand – BRIT award-winning rapper Dave and three members of YouTube sensation the Sidemen, Harry Lewis, Simon Minter and Vikram Singh Barn – as the latest celebrities to join Ricky Gervais and Jess Glynne in the fight against plastic.With an entourage of celebrity supporters, Cano Water achieved just under £5 million turnover in 2023 with 2024’s turnover projected to surpass this figure.

Josh adds: “We’re proud to have sold over 50 million cans so far, but we still have a while to go before achieving our mission of saving 1 billion plastic bottles from landfill. We’re taking steps towards being able to achieve this faster – but saving the planet from the effects of plastic pollution doesn’t lie to rest with us. We might have spearheaded the category, but we’re encouraged to see other brands starting to add canned water to their portfolio – now let’s see the other drinks giants follow suit.”

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