Natural & Organic Products Expo returned to the ExCeL London on the 14-15 April, showcasing a vibrant world of emerging trends in the health, food and beauty sectors. From mushrooms to menopause, the show floor was filled with conscious consumption, ethical production and new developments in the natural and organic industry. Here’s a few of our top picks of the show:

Food Trends

Mushroom Power – With mushroom varieties such as Lion’s Mane, Reishi and Maitake trending for their potential health benefits, we saw a rise in functional mushroom products on the show floor. From supplements to beverages, these products aid cognitive and immune support, as well as boosting energy – Lion’s Mane has been dubbed a brain health superfood for its potential to help memory, focus and creativity.

Real Good Food – Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the ultra-processed nature of their diets and are shifting away from complicated ingredient lists to favour food in its most natural, unprocessed form. This shift has seen a rise towards natural sweeteners like dates, stevia and exotic fruits, whilst an emphasis on clean labelling can be seen as brands become more transparent with their sourcing of fewer, but quality, and often functional ingredients.

Functional Foods – From adaptogenic herbs in coffee to prebiotic/probiotic ingredients added to sodas, the functional foods sector continues to grow as brands strive to provide targeted health benefits beyond intrinsic nutritional value. As consumers are becoming more aware of preventative health, people are moving towards foods that multitask and address issues such as weight management, gut health, skin health, cognitive health, menopause and sports performance.

Health Trends

Gut Health Revolution – New research suggests that gut health influences all other health systems in the body, from mental wellbeing to heart health, and even skin health. This growing awareness promoted a growing interest in probiotics, prebiotics and fermented foods for digestive wellness and the over-all health benefits that come with it.

Brain Function – As we become more aware of the importance of looking after our mental wellbeing, brain support has become a key trend, with more products focusing on how best to feed the mind. Adaptogenic herbs and supplements such as Ashwagandha and Ginseng are gaining popularity for their stress-relieving and immune-boosting properties, whilst developments in research is showing that Creatine supplements may improve brain function alongside building muscle.

Flowology – The ‘period positivity’ movement has paved the way for even more growth in the sector, as consumers become more comfortable talking about previously taboo topics. Alongside a wave of products for sustainable menstrual care, we also saw a rise in products to help alleviate menopause symptoms whilst helping to provide some natural calm.

Beauty Trends

Zero Waste Packaging – Reducing packaging with innovative, reusable and compostable packaging solutions still remains important this year as the industry tries to tackle the single-use plastic problem that plagues the sector. Recycling alone won’t stop this issue, so brands are coming up with sustainable packaging solutions to reflect their commitment to environmental sustainability. Schemes such as Reposit by Beauty Kitchen, which eliminates single use packaging waste by reusing packaging to support a circular economy are becoming more popular alongside other creative ways to offer refillable options.

CBD Infusion – CBD (cannabidiol), the naturally occurring compound derived from the hemp plant is know for its skincare and wellness benefits, from reducing swelling, pain and redness from breakouts to calming irritation from skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. With its naturally soothing and rejuvenating abilities, this versatile ingredient has been popping up in more and more beauty products as consumers look for new ways to revitalise and refresh their skin.