First ever flow wrap chocolate packaging developed by Cox & Co

In an industry first, British chocolate producer Cox & Co has created the first ever paper flow wrap chocolate packaging, allowing the company to phase out all plastics on its production line and give consumers a curbside recyclable wrapping.

The development, which has been ongoing for 18 months, saw Cox & Co working closely with a paper manufacturer in Sweden to find the right type of material and reconfiguring its flow wrap machine to accept it, in order to replace its compostable plastic packaging. This week saw the first ever 100% paper flow wrapped chocolate bar roll off the production line.

Offering a 12-month minimum shelf life, Cox & Co’s innovative new paper flow wrap solution is a huge step in the right direction to reducing the huge amount of chocolate packaging waste that currently ends up in landfill.

“Consumers are now actively seeking brands that take sustainability seriously and products that are easy to recycle,” explains Gavin Cox, founder of Cox & Co. “Chocolate is a popular household purchase and yet so little of the packaging can be easily recycled at curbside. We are set to change all that with our revolutionary new packaging, which offers a neat and tidy result without the use of plastic.”

As a smaller brand, Cox & Co has been able to pivot its production to test out new paper-based packaging solutions. “It’s taken many months of trial to get to this point, but it’s been worth the effort. Seeing that first bar roll off the production line was incredibly satisfying,” adds Gavin.

At a time where the cost of cocoa has risen significantly due to poor harvests, this new packaging also allows the brand to reduce its packaging costs by a huge 35%, offsetting price rises and enabling it to continue to offer its bars at a competitive price. The brand, which is part of a larger confectionery group, aims to roll the new packaging out across the board. “This will make a significant difference to our costs overall,” explains Gavin. “We can effectively keep prices competitive whilst doing our bit to reduce our environmental impact; it’s a win win.”

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