Weleda, the a world-leading manufacturer of certified natural by NATRUE personal care will be unveiling two new facial skincare lines at this year’s Natural & Organic Products Expo.

The clinically proven age-resilient skincare ranges are Weleda’s most scientifically advanced innovations in 100 years, harnessing the power of botanicals to slow down the effects of ageing.

The Power of Pomegranate & Maca Peptides

Weleda’s new Firming Face Care range embraces the power of pomegranate & maca peptides, to provide long-lasting moisture and is clinically proven to slow down the ageing effects on the skin, protecting from the negative oxidative effect of blue light exposure.

Enriched with organic plant oils, butters and waxes including luxurious Shea Butter, nourishing Pomegranate and Macadamia seed oil, and precious peptides from organic Peruvian Maca root for future-proofing skincare. The range is formulated to activate cell renewal, support skin regeneration and counter perimenopausal skin changes, leaving skin feeling firmer and looking more radiant, and lines less pronounced.

At the heart of Weleda’s innovative botanical formulations is the unique active ingredient combination of organic pomegranate seed oil and natural peptides from organic Peruvian maca root. Pomegranate is one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, and supports the skin’s regeneration processes. Maca peptides – small protein compounds that can penetrate the skin to help smooth fine lines – help to reduce wrinkles, improve skin elasticity and intensify the skin’s natural radiance. The result is a range delivering strong efficacy results.

The collection includes four exciting new formulations:

  • Pomegranate & Maca Peptides Firming Day Cream (£24.95 40ml vegan)
  • Pomegranate & Maca Peptides Firming Night Cream (£25.95 40ml vegan)
  • Pomegranate & Maca Peptides Firming Face Serum (£28.95 30ml vegan)
  • Pomegranate & Maca Peptides Firming Eye Cream (£24.95 12ml vegan)

Blue Gentian & Edelweiss Contouring Face Care range

At the heart of Weleda’s new Contouring Face Care range is the innovative botanical formulations – a unique patent-pending, natural Collagen+ Active Complex to boost collagen, reduce deep wrinkles, and bring greater definition to facial contours.

Enriched with organic plant oils, butters and waxes including luxurious Shea and Cocoa Butters, nourishing Sacha Inchi oil, skin-smoothing olive oil. The carefully crafted formulas stimulate collagen synthesis, balance skin pigmentation, hydrate and nourish the skin, and brighten up skin tone. Reducing the impact of menopausal changes, they leave skin feeling firmer and cashmere-soft.

Combining powerful plant actives Blue Gentian and Edelweiss, boosted with extract of Centella Asiatica, the scientifically-proven Collagen+ Active Complex has been shown to protect against collagen loss by 50% and increase collagen by 60% *.

*in vitro collagen testing on fibroblasts (supported by measurement of elasticity in the skin)

Weleda’s Blue Gentian and Edelweiss are organically cultivated in the Swiss Alps. Edelweiss, rich in anti-oxidants, contains leontopodic acid and phenol acid which are considered more powerful than vitamin C for preventing and reducing wrinkles, keeping skin supple and strengthening the skin barrier, helping to slow down skin ageing. Blue Gentian’s strong vital forces and substances in the plant such as anthocyanins activate the skin metabolism, bringing structure, rejuvenation and reintegration to the skin’s natural processes, contributing to skin firmness. Its high concentration of anthocyanins protect against light-induced skin ageing and stimulate cellular regeneration. Bitter compounds such as iridoids support the skin’s essential keratinization process, also strengthening the skin barrier function.

The collection includes four exciting NEW formulations:

  • Blue Gentian & Edelweiss Contouring Day Cream (£28.95 40ml vegan)
  • Blue Gentian & Edelweiss Contouring Night Cream (£29.95 40ml vegan)
  • Blue Gentian & Edelweiss Contouring Face Serum (£32.95 30ml vegan)
  • Blue Gentian & Edelweiss Contouring Eye & Lip Cream (£28.95 10ml vegan)

Sustainable Skincare

These vegan formulations are NATRUE-certified authentically natural and their ethically-sourced ingredients are UEBT-certified sustainable. The Day and Night Creams and Serum are packaged in infinitely recyclable green glass made from largely recycled content, in an outer carton of FSC certified board made from at least 80% recycled fibres. The Eye & Lip Cream is packaged in recyclable aluminium.

Both ranges will be available from 17 April 2024. For launch details please contact [email protected]