GHEE EASY gets your goat

New from GHEE EASY comes Organic Goat Ghee, a unique alternative to traditional ghee made from 100% organic goat butter.

The goat butter – which is sourced from grass-fed goats who are free to roam – undergoes a gentle heating process to separate the milk solids to produce what is described as a delicious, nutritious, pure form of clarified butter, which is free from lactose.

With an high smoke point of 250°C, Goat Ghee is a healthier and safer way to cook food, says the brand, particularly compared to traditional cooking oils which start to burn 160°C and butter which blackens at 130°C.

The certified organic ghee has a nutty taste, which adds flavour to anything that is cooked in it, is high in omega-3 and omega-9.

“Butter is back again. Margarine is out. Pure ingredients are in and on-trend,” says David Klingen, founder of GHEE EASY. “That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce UK consumers to our new 100% natural Goat Ghee.”

The ghee is suitable for paleo, ketogenic, Ayurvedic and Whole 30 diets.