Eco-friendly online supermarket Good Club is now offering its members access to what it says is the largest range of affordable, sustainable household essentials delivered milkman-style in returnable and reusable packaging.

Through the scheme, products purchased from Good Club’s zero waste range are delivered (via carbon neutral couriers) in returnable and reusable pots inside a returnable, reusable box. Shoppers then empty the pots into their own containers and leave all the packaging outside their door to be collected for free the next day. Good Club then washes, refills, and the whole cycle starts again.

Good Club says the new zero waste delivery service makes it the first ever retailer to collect all the reusable packaging from shoppers’ homes the very next day.

“We know that the only way to hit sustainability targets is to get lots more people living sustainably. And the only way to get a lot more people buying sustainable groceries, is to make the shopping process ridiculously easy and convenient,” explains co-founder Ben Patten. “That’s why we’ve developed a seamless next-day collection service, where we pick up the delivery box, any protective recycled packaging, and our products’ packaging, all for reuse.”

He adds: “We’ll never be filling up our customers’ bins, unlike other services, which deliver in paper bags and cardboard boxes, which need to be recycled and can only really be reused a handful of times. Our delivery crates will be used indefinitely. We think it’s a simple solution to a complicated problem. It’s our mission to make sustainable living achievable for all. Our new zero waste delivery service is just the start.”

At launch in January, there was over 70 products available, including nuts, oats, seeds, grains, pastas, rice, with this number rising to near 150 by the end of the month.

Good Club membership is £30 a year and gives members access to 3,000 discounted sustainable products and free monthly delivery and collection.