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Video: Both sides now

Shaun Higgs, operations director at Viridian Nutrition, is quickly finding out what life is like on the other side of the till. In In our video report he tells Jim Manson why he and Viridian founder Cheryl Thallon decided to open their own health store.

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New retail landscape could favour health stores and eco brands

The rapidly changing retail market could favour independent health retailers and eco brands, a leading retail analyst has suggested. Martin Watkins, head of retail and business insights at analysts Nielsen, said there was “no going back” to the retail model that dominated the pre-internet era. Speaking at a recent Soil Association Trade briefing, Watkins said […]

September 24, 2015 Continue Reading

Organic market strengthens as retailers and brands gain confidence

New organic sales figures released by the Soil Association show an acceleration in the growth of the UK’s organic grocery market, with organic outperforming non organic sales in supermarkets. Specialist brands and retailers continue to lead the return to growth but the major supermarkets are also creating more shelf space for organic as market confidence […]

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“You’re not going to get the same expertise on aisle five of Tesco’s!”

Retail expert and Natural Products columnist Paul Clapham focused on the strengths of the independent sector during his business seminar at Natural & Organic Products Europe last weekend (7 April). Among his practical tips was setting out a store manifesto and making sector expertise a real selling point. “Independent health store staff know what they […]

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California Walnuts

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