Little Freddie aims to shake up UK baby food market

After initially launching in Asia, British organic baby and toddler food brand Little Freddie is now available in its home market.

The company has kicked off its launch with ten Stage One (4+ months) on-the-go pouches including single varieties, fruit mixes, breakfasts, vegetable mixes and dairy options. The products include what the brand says is the sector’s first vegetable and yoghurt combination to address the demand for products with higher quantities of vegetables, with its Surprising Sweet Potato & Carrot Greek Style Vegetable Yoghurt containing 33% vegetables.

Other variants in the range include: Simply Pink Lady Apples; Fragrant Strawberry, Apples & Banana; Exotic Coconut & Tropical Fruits; Balanced Prune & Apple; Juicy Strawberry, Blueberries & Oats; Appetizing Pears, Broccoli, Peas & Quinoa; and Tender Spinach, Peas & Apples.

“I’m 100% confident we will see great success in the UK market by shaking things up and bringing parents back into the aisle by providing something truly new to the market that they’re demanding,” says co-founder Piers Buck. “We’ve got some genuinely exciting products in the works and I can’t wait to see how parents respond to our tasty, nutritious and high-quality products.”

He adds: “We’ve made sustainability a priority and have a dedicated manager overseeing a strategy focused on recyclability, reuse and sustainable sourcing. We are also working on a key initiative involving sustainable packaging.”

The brand will be launching 32 new products across pouches, cereals and finger foods later this year.