Munchy Seeds is furthering its efforts to become a more sustainable food business through a collaboration with charitable organization Greener Earth Project to help it plant one million trees over the next five years.


“We are the first to admit that until we fully understood the impact our business made, we did not realize how much we needed to focus on our commitment to sustainable responsibility,” explains Munchy Seeds co-founder Lucinda Clay (left). “Running a food business has to include pride and care for the planet too. The planet gives us seeds and we need to ensure that we give back, so that generations can enjoy seeds for many millennia to come.”

The brand, which says it is committed to creating more sustainable practices throughout its business, is launching a new range of lightly toasted seeds which will have fully recyclable packaging.

“We constantly seek to review our processes to make them as green and sustainable as possible so we are excited to be launching a new range that aligns with this commitment,” says Clay. “Nothing much goes to waste here. The floor sweepings are given away to the local allotment to be ground down for chicken feed, and all other waste is sorted for recycling. We have recently started using vegetable dyes on our cardboard boxes and no longer use virgin white board, as it’s extremely ‘chemical hungry’.”