Dairy-free drinks brand Rude Health’s first mass reach, multi-channel campaign, created in conjunction with creative agency BMB, is set to go live on 6 September, spanning out-of-home, digital, social and shopper.

The campaign is designed to playfully subvert ‘category tropes’ by challenging a commonly held assumption that flavour and enjoyment are necessarily sacrificed for health and sustainability.

Rude Health was established in 2005 to challenge the assumption that healthy food is bland,” explains co-founder and brand director Camilla Barnard. “When we launched our Almond and Oat Drinks in 2013, dairy-free drinks were packed with gums, thickeners and emulsifiers and were tasteless. Fast-forward to today and we’re proud to stand out in a sea of sameness with a large range of flavour-full organic dairy-free drinks, dressed in bright, bold 100% recyclable packaging and made from 100% natural ingredients, grown where they grow best.”

The brand is teaming up with fellow B Corp companies Brew Dog and Mindful Chef, and urban foodie brand Mob Kitchen, to amplify the campaign’s reach and encourage more consumers to take their first ‘Rude sip’.

“At Rude Health we’re not in the business of making pale imitations of milk,” adds Barnard. “We’re not prescriptive either. Our no taste-bud-left-unturned approach is about making dairy alternatives a celebration. Not a sacrifice. Taking the bland and turning it bright. Because we believe life tastes better when you live it your bright way.”