Pukka Herbs has partnered with ‘community benefit society’ Energy Garden in a two-year power-purchase agreement whereby it will power its head offices and warehouse with 100% renewable electricity purchased from community energy projects.

Energy Garden supports community gardens on railway stations across London and the revenue generated by the sale of community-owned renewable energy funds these spaces, as well as education programmes.

In addition to the cost per kWh that Pukka will pay for electricity, the brand has also committed to pay a social premium each year, as well as making an upfront donation before the contract’s initiation.

We were so impressed and inspired by Energy Garden’s unique model for selling excess energy to business

Pukka is the second company to commit to a renewable community energy partnership with Energy Garden, the first being outdoor apparel company, Patagonia which signed up last year.

“We are immensely excited to be the second UK business initiating our partnership with Energy Garden,” says Georgia Phillips, mission lead at Pukka Herbs. “We were so impressed and inspired by Energy Garden’s unique model for selling excess energy to business. By paying the social premium, Pukka is delighted to be able to fund wider social and environmental projects linked to our Mission to connect more people to nature and address the climate and biodiversity crises. We also hope that Pukka’s switch will inspire change amongst other businesses too.”

The collaboration will see the creation of herbal education modules for the Energy Garden Schools Programme, with Pukka’s module centering on the benefits of organic agriculture, how to grow herbs at home, and the role of herbs and spices in a healthy diet. It will also create areas in existing railway gardens to grow new herbs and implement educational signage on their benefits.