Condiment brand Red Loon has rebranded and is launching into retail with two authentic seasonings designed to give traditional table salt and rubs ‘a run for their money’ and take the nation’s cooking to the ‘next level’.

Founded by Birmingham-based Raspal Kaur, the products are based on family recipes that have been passed down through the generations for nearly 80 years, and comprise: Red Loon Seasoning – a versatile and bold seasoning that can be sprinkled on a wide range of dishes from meat and fish to rice, soups and even pizza for a punchy (but not overly hot) spicy kick; and Red Loon Spicirub – an ‘explosive concoction’ of aromatic spices that combine to create the perfect marinade for meat, fish, seafood and vegetables.

“Every time I taste Red Loon it takes me back to when I was a child and reminds me of growing up with my Mum toasting spices in readiness for our next culinary delight,” explains Kaur. “I believe that it is the little things in life that can make a big difference and this ethos underpins the essence of Red Loon – something incredibly simple and versatile yet guaranteed to deliver a delicious kick to any cuisine.

“In Punjabi Loon means salt, but these products are so much more than that as they can magically enhance the flavour of any dish. I don’t go anywhere without some Red Loon to sprinkle on my food. We want people to buy them, try them and become completely hooked.”

She says that the seasonings are ideally placed for the independent retail/farm shop and deli sector.

Passionate about raising awareness around mental health, 1p from every Red Loon product sold will be donated to the charity Mind, via the Work for Good scheme. Long-term, Kaur says she has some ‘exciting and challenging plans afoot’, designed to make a real difference in this area.

Both seasonings come in environmentally friendly and eye-catching packaging, presented in 100g recyclable cartons, are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and have Vegan Approved status from The Vegetarian Society.