Yeo Valley has created its latest organic offer – Super Thick Kerned Yogurt – by employing an old Somerset production technique.

Described as the ‘thickest and creamiest yogurt yet’ in the Yeo Valley range, the Super Thick Kerned Yogurt is naturally high in protein and low in sugars and fat due to it being strained up to nine times.

The brand explains that ‘kerned’ is a local Somerset word for ‘thickened.’ The production process involves heating up organic milk and adding a few spoonful’s of live bacteria. This sits to allow the live cultures to grow and is then kerned using a very fine sieve to strain off the whey. This is repeated up to nine times to thicken the yoghurt, boost the protein content and reduce the natural sugars.

Yeo Valley’s new yoghurt is packaged in the brand’s first ever pot made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic and card. It is available in 850g, 450g and 170g pots and in two fat varieties: 0% and 5%.

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