Following the release on 31 March of a public list of CBD products with ‘credible’ applications for market authorization, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has now issued a final call for products to be added to the list.

In a statement on 21 April the agency said that companies now have until 26 May to submit evidence that their products are linked to a credible application and were on the market before February 2020.

“Our announcement on 31 March that the CBD public list should be used to help prioritise efforts to enforce the novel food regulations has prompted a number of companies to come forward with new evidence linking large numbers of individual products to applications,” explains Rebecca Sudworth, FSA director of policy. “We are reviewing this new evidence to assess whether these products meet the criteria to be added to the list.

“This is an unexpected development as this product information should have been provided to us much earlier in the process. To support businesses to achieve compliance for their products, we are therefore making one final call for evidence from businesses to link their products to credible applications. Any businesses that have not already done so must send this evidence to us as soon as possible, but no later than 26 May for consideration.

“We aim to update the public list twice before 30 June, with the first update due very shortly. After 30 June, no new products will be added. The only changes made after this will be to reflect changes to the status of products in our novel foods authorisation process.”

In order for products to be considered for the public list, they must have been on the market at the time of the FSA’s announcement on CBD on 13 February 2020 and have had an authorization application submitted by 31 March 2021.