Education website HealthyDoesIt is launching a new campaign called HealthyDoesDigestion headed up by nutritionist Suzie Sawyer, which targets consumers with personalized health plans centred around re-thinking their gut health habits.

The new ‘good gut guide’ is being launched off the back of the recent Health of the Nation 2021: Lockdown Focus survey, conducted by the Health Food Manufacturers’ Association, which revealed that more than a third of UK adults see digestion as a health priority.

Ben Brown, HealthyDoesIt expert advisor, says: “Digestive health is important at every stage of life, from the minute that we’re born. The health of the gut, secretion of enzymes, levels and species of gut bacteria, the health of the gut wall, how well muscles are moving and how we’re absorbing nutrients, all play their part in helping us to stay healthy and well. Our digestive system works tirelessly to sustain our life and it’s important to take time out to give it something back: our time, attention and care.”

As part of the new campaign, media assets have been made available for retailers to download enabling them to support and engage with the campaign in their communities. HealthyDoesDigestion will encourage shoppers interested in improving their gut health to not only seek advice online but via their local health food stores.