A no-brainer from Noobru


Noobru Edge is a new drinkable combination of nutrients designed to nourish brain and body, claiming to help to unlock the mind’s potential.

The brand says the natural ingredients in Noobru Edge work together in synergy within a convenient, easy-to-use affordable powder supplement to boost focus, concentration and memory.

“After years of using various supplements, I became sick of downing countless capsules each day just to achieve ultimate stack,” says Noobru founder Martyn Cook. “I hated that the process was unenjoyable. It didn’t feel right. After all, we take tablets when we’re sick right? Not when we’re healthy! There had to be a better way. A simpler, more enjoyable one. That’s how Noobru was born.”

The Strawberry Lemonade flavoured formula has been created to support seven key indicators of optimal brain function: processing power; memory and recall; focus and concentration; mental performance and productivity; mental clarity; mental efficiency and accuracy; brain health and neuroprotection; and mental energy.

The sachets contain 11 active ingredients, including: ashwagandha to increase muscle strength, reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, and improve cardiorespiratory endurance; absorbagen  to combat depression; citicoline to improve memory, attention and reaction times, and increase dopamine levels; and huperzine A to enhance memory, learning and improve mental function. It also has theanine, alpha GPC, vitamins B5 and B6 and salbutiamine.

Contained in plastic-free packaging, the drink is vegan, free from gluten, dairy and sugar, and contains no artificial colours or flavours.