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  • Health & Nutrition

    FSE report stresses role of supplements in healthcare

     February 28, 2019  Jane Wolfe

    A report published by Food Supplements Europe (FSE) has identified supplementation as a cost-effective policy to bridge gaps in nutrition and potentially delivery valuable health cost savings.

  • Health & Nutrition

    Nordic supplement brand lands in UK

     February 1, 2019  Jane Wolfe

    Norwegian supplement brand OG Science + Wellbeing has launched in the UK with its flagship product OG ØMEGA-3 PLUS.

  • Health & Nutrition

    Potter’s launches raft of new herbals

     November 30, 2018  Jane Wolfe

    Potter’s has introduced seven new products to its herbals offer, spanning conditions ranging from cognitive health and energy to respiratory health and constipation.

  • Health & Nutrition

    Nelsons’ new website goes live

     July 30, 2018  Jane Wolfe

    Nelsons has launched a revamped website ( designed to provide a modern look and feel, improved functionality and rich content.

  • Health & Nutrition

    Link Nutrition comes to the UK

     July 3, 2018  Jane Wolfe

    Supplements brand Link Nutrition has launched onto the UK market with a variety of targeted complexes designed for specific areas, as well as single vitamin boosts. The complexes include: Multi Plus – an ‘all in one’ complex containing a range of vitamins and minerals essential to boosting immunity, protecting the body’s cells from oxidative stress […]


betteryou1 (1)

BetterYou, better bones

BetterYou has developed a magnesium chloride and calcium supplement in a convenient format designed to effectively maximize bone health. The new Magnesium Bone Lotion supports bone health with the combination of magnesium and calcium, formulated at an optimal 1:1 ratio and blended with a hydrating lotion. The lotion utilizes an oil-in-water formulation – unlike most […]

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