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  • Peak Focus
    Health & Nutrition

    Peak Focus from Viridian

     July 10, 2020  Jane Wolfe

    New from Viridian Nutrition is Peak Focus, a new natural supplement to support optimal concentration at a time when more people than ever work from home.

  • Teen Skin
    Health & Nutrition

    HRI claims UK’s first vegan multi to target teenage skin

     June 16, 2020  Jane Wolfe

    New from HRi comes Teen Skin, what it says is the first UK vegan supplement specifically formulated to tackle spots and acne.

  • For Your Baby
    Health & Nutrition

    OptiBac boosts baby biome

     April 8, 2020  Jane Wolfe

    For Your Baby: OptiBac has formulated new probiotic drops specifically to promote a healthy gut in breast-and formula-fed babies from birth onwards.

    Health & Nutrition

    New CBD brand offers oils direct

     March 24, 2020  Jane Wolfe

    CBDDIRECT2U is a fledgling brand launched by GP Dr Peter Naylor and entrepreneur Ian Craggs, prompted by frustration at a lack of high quality CBD products.

  • Health & Nutrition

    Consumers report confidence in CBD quality, but a third discontinue use

     February 28, 2020  Jim Manson

    A study to understand CBD users’ attitudes to (and use of) CBD shows that consumers are generally confident about the quality of products.


Garden Organic

Viridian sponsors organic garden classroom

Viridian Nutrition has partnered with national charity Garden Organic to help raise awareness of the benefits to human health of organic growing. As part of its Charity Donation programme, the supplement company is sponsoring the creation of an inspirational organic demonstration area and outdoor classroom in the charity’s garden in Ryton, Warwickshire. “As a charity, […]

April 20, 2020 Continue Reading

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