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  • For Your Baby
    Health & Nutrition

    OptiBac boosts baby biome

     April 8, 2020  Jane Wolfe

    For Your Baby: OptiBac has formulated new probiotic drops specifically to promote a healthy gut in breast-and formula-fed babies from birth onwards.

    Health & Nutrition

    New CBD brand offers oils direct

     March 24, 2020  Jane Wolfe

    CBDDIRECT2U is a fledgling brand launched by GP Dr Peter Naylor and entrepreneur Ian Craggs, prompted by frustration at a lack of high quality CBD products.

  • Health & Nutrition

    Consumers report confidence in CBD quality, but a third discontinue use

     February 28, 2020  Jim Manson

    A study to understand CBD users’ attitudes to (and use of) CBD shows that consumers are generally confident about the quality of products.

  • CannabiGold Terpenes+
    Health & Nutrition

    CannabiGold delivers new CBD supplement

     February 27, 2020  Jane Wolfe

    New to the UK is CannabiGold Terpenes+, a food supplement designed to support the body’s endocannabinoid system and maintain overall wellbeing.

  • Noobru
    Health & Nutrition

    A no-brainer from Noobru

       Jane Wolfe

    Noobru is a new drinkable combination of nutrients designed to nourish brain and body, claiming to help to unlock the mind’s potential.


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