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Potter's Herbals

Potter’s Herbals has created two remedies to target stress and support memory and concentration following research conducted by the brand which found that 92% of people in the UK suffer from stress.

Potter’s Herbals’ Memory & Focus CDRI 08 is a natural, clinically proven botanical remedy to support memory, concentration and learning retention. It contains a patented extract of Bacopa monnieri CDRI 08, the result of 40 years of extensive research and examination in clinical trials.

Ayurvedic medical practitioners in India have used Bacopa monnieri as a nerve tonic for almost 3,000 years. Each Potter’s Memory & Focus CDRI 08 capsule contains 160 mg of Bacopa monnieri whole plant extract CDRI 08.

Potter’s says the supplement has been shown to work by improving nerve transmission and promoting nerve cell connections in the brain linked to memory. It regulates neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin involved in learning and memory and improves cerebral blood flow. Potter’s Memory & Focus CDRI 08 also normalizes stress-induced changes in plasma cortisol and noradrenaline.

Potter’s Actimind is a patented combination of two herbal ingredients – Gingko biloba GK501 and Panax ginseng G115, both of which have been shown to help support mental wellbeing, maintain and support healthy memory, aid brain health energy and preserve good cognitive functions.

Ginkgo biloba GK501 has been shown to support mental function by promoting cerebral and peripheral circulation, while the adaptogen Panax ginseng G115 has been widely used over centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to increase resistance to physical, chemical, and biological stress.

Laboratory research has shown that a Ginkgo biloba GK501/Panax ginseng G115 combination has a regulatory effect on nerve transmission mechanisms in the brain, suggesting one of the mechanisms by which the Potter’s Actimind formulation could improve learning and memory.

“While stress causes our health havoc, the good news is that Potter’s Herbals has created a unique range of plant-based supplements that contribute to good brain health in a safe and gentle but hugely supportive way, great news for when we are feeling like a ‘pressure cooker’,” says Dr Chris Etheridge, medical herbalist, practitioner and advisor to Potter’s. “Backed by extensive research and evidence-backed science, both Potter’s Memory & Focus CDRI 08 and Potters Actimind can be a powerful ally in the battle to curb the effects of stress.”