Puresport has announced that its new three-strong line of mushroom supplements – Reishi, Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane – are the first of their kind to be certified by independent body Informed Sport – ‘the gold standard in sport and wellness supplements’.

PuresportThe brand says the new range has already received the backing of top level pro-athletes – such as Scotland rugby international Finn Russell (who backed the brand’s recent successful crowdfunding campaign) and pro-player Greig Laidlaw – but is designed for use by everyone, from sportspeople to office workers.

The Reishi supplement is designed to help with deep sleep and support the gut microbiome; Cordyceps benefits heart health, performance and endurance; and Lion’s Mane has neuroprotective compounds that can nurture long-term brain health and boost focus and concentration.

“The potential of mushrooms to revolutionize the wellness market is astonishing,” says founder Grayson Hart (pictured). “This is the future of wellness and Puresport is at the forefront of it. The Informed Sport certification – the first of its kind – was an absolute must for Puresport, and a clear demonstration of our commitment to the highest standards in testing. There are no mushroom products out there that have been tested more. It’s all part of the confidence we want our customers to have in our products.

“We don’t want to simply provide products though, Puresport is about much more than that. We want to educate and advocate for the use of mushrooms in wellness and be a place where members of our growing community and beyond.”

The Reishi, Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane capsules complement Puresport’s existing mushroom-containing products, including its Mushroom Complex, Boost Capsules and Trust Your Gut supplements. A significant portion of the brand’s sustainable packaging is also derived from mycelium.