Aromatherapy lifestyle brand Scentered has created an innovative Five Minute Foot Mat and Mindful Aromatherapy Balm set to relax the body, release tension and promote calm.

Available with a choice of one of the brand’s best-selling aromatherapy balms – ESCAPE or DE-STRESS – the Scentered acupressure foot mat set is designed to aid relaxation, better sleep and circulation, alleviate tension which can cause aches, pains and stress, and re-energize.

The ESCAPE version is suitable for those looking to enhance a yoga or meditation practice or to clear a busy mind, and DE-STRESS is helpful for anybody feeling run down, stressed or overwhelmed, says the brand. Both can be used for a post-work transition to a ‘me time’ mood shift, as a morning pick-me-up and as post exercise stimulation to boost tired muscles.

“The world we live in can often be hectic and stressful, creating moments of emotional, mental and physical transitions as we move from one event to another,” says Scentered founder Lara Morgan. “One of the biggest transitions is between work and home life. I tried and tested the idea of combining acupressure with one of our aromatherapy balms to boost the benefits of the essential oils and speed the transition … and it completely shifted my mindset and mood.”

The lightweight portable mat is washable and made from 100% thick cotton and high density foam and has over 1,700 non-toxic massaging spikes to work on all sizes of feet and help rebalance mind and body.

“Our feet have 26 bones, 100 ligaments, 20 muscles and a very complex network of nerves and blood supply – they are often overlooked, when they are in fact the powerhouse of wellbeing for our bodies,” adds Sarah Gosset, Scentered’s director of retail development. “Our feet are the furthest area of our body from our heart, so it’s important to maintain and boost circulation in them, not only for blood flow in our feet, but also to keep blood flow and circulation healthy throughout our bodies. Based on traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure is a technique used to release blocked chi (QI), or energy, throughout the body. Easing these blockages can result in helping the body to rebalance itself and create a general sense of wellbeing and harmony.”