Seven top wellness trends for 2022 have been revealed by Holland & Barrett (H&B) in its first Wellness Trends report.

The trends covered are ‘set to make a real difference to the nation’s wellbeing’, spanning gut health, sleep, stress and on-the-go nutrition, wellness diagnostic tools and beauty from within (a category that saw a boom for H&B in 2021, with sales of collagen 94% from the previous year).

The trends for 2022 are:

  • Amino acid-based natural supplements: H&B calls these ‘the key to quality shut-eye’ – natural alternatives to sedatives which work with the body’s rhythms. Specifically, ‘everybody will be talking about’ L-glycine and 5-HTP
  • Tension-easing adaptogens: the plant-based substances found in nature said to support the body through times of stress. Likely to become popular are mango leaf and Rhodiola rosea
  • Postbiotics: ‘The new biotic on the block’ – in 2022 H&B will launch Tribiotics, its most advanced gut health range, containing all three stages of the biotic journey
  • Collagen-complementing lycopene and ceramides: referred to as ‘collagen+’, a host of new actives will be added to the existing benefits collagen products offer, for example lycopene and ceramide extracts
  • Fermented supplements: The chain plans to introduce to its shelves kombucha supplements as ‘an easier way to help incorporate the benefits of Kombucha into the daily routine, instead of products that need to be kept in the fridge’
  • Complete nutrition: The popularity of ‘no regrets’ on-the-go meals will soar as society moves further away from lockdowns and back towards busy lifestyles. “We want to know exactly what we eat, even if we’re too busy for sit-down meals,” says H&B, ahead of launching a new category of nutritionally complete products
  • Nutrient bio-hacking: nutrient testing and diagnostics are on the rise, with nutrigenomics being one of the ‘most accessible forms of bio-hacking’. It assesses the ‘effect food has on the expression of certain genes and genetic pathways and in turn, how our genes affect the nutritional environment’.

Harvey Bennett, customer MD, H&B, comments: “As we looked towards a new year, we pulled together our team of nutritionists, trend forecasters and product developers to research and review the areas of wellbeing that will help the nation thrive. From the hot new ingredients you’ve not yet heard of to the latest in diagnostics, our Wellness Trends report ensures our customers can benefit from our longstanding wellness experience.”