Free from parabens, synthetic fragrances and SLS, Ben & Anna’s new natural Toothpaste comes in aluminium tubes and are available in six variants – from sweet and fruity to fresh and minty – to help maintain healthy teeth and fresh breath.

Each vegan formulation is enriched with natural and organic ingredients designed to be gentle on sensitive teeth and gums, along with sodium fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel and counteract decay, protecting teeth and gums against damage. The Ben & Anna toothpastes refresh the mouth and help minimize plaque that can lead to cavities and gum disease.

The available Toothpaste SKUs are:

  • White – to protect tooth enamel and keep the breath fresh with a formula enriched with sage, providing the mouth with a boost of vitamin A and antioxidants
  • Black – with activated charcoal to dissolve discolouration and help naturally whiten teeth and mint extract for fresh breath and healthy teeth
  • Cinnamon Orange – with a cola taste, this is set to become a family favourite to keep teeth and gums healthy
  • Cocoa Mania – enriched with coconut oil, it has strong antibacterial properties, the ability to slow down tooth decay while being gentle on tooth enamel and soothing inflammation
  • Wild Berry – to gently clean the teeth and dissolve plaque, providing effective yet gentle oral care with a fruity fun aroma, strengthening tooth enamel and protecting against tooth decay with fluoride
  • Spearmint – a gentle yet effective toothpaste to cleanse teeth and leave breath fresh with a formula enriched with natural mint that has an invigorating effect and provides a kick of fresh oral care.