Benecos has added a collection of body oils to its BIO line, created using COSMOS Organic-certified ingredients that are dermatologically tested and vegan friendly.

Packaged in recyclable 100ml glass bottles, there are 13 body oil formulations each suited to a specific skin need, which can also be used to add moisture and shine to hair and help strengthen nails.

The Body Oil range includes:

‘Is it hot in here, or is it just me?’ – a St John’s wortinfused oil combined with nourishing olive oil to provide deep, warming relaxation that is traditionally used for muscle tension, bruises and wound healing. The oleic acid and vitamin E complexes in the olive oil care for and regenerate sensitive, irritated skin, while the St John’s Wort promotes blood circulation and is known for its warming effect. Use to revitalize muscles after exercise, or as an adjuvant in cases or neurodermatitis or eczema.

‘Nut-thing better!’ features macadamia nut oil which is particularly suited for the care of sensitive, irritated and dry skin as it gently strengthens the skin’s barrier. Due to its rare fatty acid composition, macadamia nut oil is smooth, easy to apply and is non-greasy, perfect for preventing stretch marks, soothing scars and to use as colour protection for dyed or colour treated hair.

‘We believe in miracles!’ – rich in antioxidant vitamin E, this cold-pressed miracle tree seed oil is free from additives and is deeply nourishing.  With anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to help with skin impurities, improve the elasticity of the skin in case of scars and supports the natural protective layer on the scalp, helping to sooth itchy scalps and reduce dandruff.

Also featured in the collection are: ‘You had me at Aloe!’ organic aloe vera-infused body oil; ‘Love oil of you!’ organic baobab oil; ‘Hempily ever after!’ organic hemp seed oil; ‘Let’s get the jojob done’  organic jojoba oil; ‘Glow getter’ organic apricot oil; ‘You have been warmed’ organic arnica-infused oil; ‘For once and floral’ organic lavender oil; ‘Added straight to your calendula’ organic calendula-infused oil; ‘Nut-thing better’ organic macadamia nut oil; ‘and Avo good day ‘ organic avocado oil.