CHANEL enters natural beauty arena

Marking its first foray into clean beauty, Chanel has launched a collection of environmentally responsible products including skincare, make-up and a fragrance mist, made using naturally sourced ingredients and housed in eco-designed packaging.

The hero ingredient of the nine-strong N°1 de Chanel range is ‘age-defying’ antioxidant-rich red camellia extract. The offer includes L’eau Rouge fragrance mist, Powder-to-Foam Cleanser, Revitalizing Eye Cream, Lip & Cheek Balm and Revitalizing Cream – the latter being the brand’s first product available for refill.

The brand asserts: “N°1 de Chanel is an anti-aging beauty line that aims to minimise its impact on the environment through packaging, designed with sustainability in mind and with a strict formulation charter. The formulas contain up to 97% naturally derived ingredients and up to 76% camellia-derived ingredients. They are suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.”

The packaging for the collection uses glass bottles and jars with lids containing sustainable bio-based materials – the result of a collaboration between the Chanel and Finnish start-up Sulapac. The Sulapac plastic-free alternative is produced using 90% bio‑based materials from renewable resources, including FSC-certified wood chips that are by-products of industrial side-streams and camellia seed shells.

Commenting on the collaboration, Sulapac CEO and co-founder Suvi Haimi, says: “By this example we encourage more companies to choose sustainable packaging materials. It was fascinating to combine by-products like camellia seed shells and FSC-certified wood chips in this unique packaging material. Now, we have proficiency in also utilizing other side streams without compromising the functionality of the final product. It helps us to reduce the environmental footprint even further.”