Go Wylde with plant-based lubricant

Into The Wylde
Into The Wylde

Into the Wylde is a new intimate care brand which has launched to challenge the traditional lubricant market with Wylde One – an organic, vegan intimate lubricant promising ‘vulva-loving care and no nasties’.

The plant-based product includes extracts of aloe, marigold, marshmallow, wild oat and white dead nettle and has been formulated to match intimate female pH and be non-toxic to human cell lines. The lubricant is also compatible with the three most common types of condom: latex, polyisoprene and polyurethane.

Into the Wylde founder Kathie Bishop decided to formulate the lubricant when, while training as a medical herbalist, she frequently saw women experiencing intimate irritation after sex. “I wanted to create something completely natural with top-notch ingredients that would make sex more enjoyable and less likely to cause irritation, whilst allowing them to feel that they were looking after themselves and their bodies’ needs,” she says.

“It was really important to me to create something that made women feel good when they bought and used it, from the design of the packaging to the quality of the ingredients and the information we provided. After six years R&D, the result is Wylde One – and we’re very proud of it.

“Intimate irritation is quite commonplace for young women and many have confided in me about how regular lubricants have stung their intimate areas, often leading to yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. This really isn’t acceptable. It disconnects women from their sexual selves and can make them feel ashamed, not to mention playing havoc with their health and comfort. I wanted to break that cycle with Into the Wylde; To provide an alternative and reawaken play.”

Registered with The Vegan Society and the Soil Association, the product comes in a tube made from wood pulp and plastic so it can be more easily recycled as either.